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Oh my god... I'm a vampire! Omnomnom!
~ Vampire Matt
Oh well, at least Edd's dead.
~ Vampire Matt's last words.

Vampire Matt is the main antagonist in the Eddsworld episode Matt Sucks. He is Matt after he got bit by an angry vampire on Halloween night.

He is voiced by Matt Hargreaves.


Vampire Matt looks similar to Matt, but his skin is white and eyes are red. He wears a black coat and has long, sharp fangs. As every vampire, he can fly, but has big problems with landing. Also, he isn't seen in the mirror and can be killed by sunlight (although he has no idea about these things).



On Halloween night, Matt is out trick or treating in a pink rabbit costume. Suddenly, he bums into a vampire, but he thinks it is only a costume. He makes sarcastic and disrespectful comments about the originality of the costume and angry vampire bites him, causing Matt becomes a vampire.

Vampire Matt flies home, but he isn't able to land and falls down on a bat standing on the ground. He then tries to bite Edd, only to walk into a mirror that is placed behind, forgetting vampires have no reflection. Matt attempts to bite Edd, but Edd makes him have dinner and a movie first. During the movie, Matt tries to bite him again, but is told to be quiet.

Vampire Matt attacks Edd

Later, Matt sees Tom's silhouette on the computer in the dark room and bites it. However, when the real Tom turn on the light, it shows up that the silhouette is actually a pile of garlic that burns Matt's mouth. It causes Tom to realize Matt is a vampire.

Tom and Edd decide to kill Matt by the Mega Stake Machine Gun, but are both accidentally killed by it. When Matt enters the room and sees their dead bodies, he complains that he didn't get to kill them. Meanwhile, the morning comes and Matt decides to go for a walk because it looks like a nice day. However, he forgets he is a vampire and ends up exploding in the sunlight.


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