Vampires (inFAMOUS) are a group of antagonists in the inFAMOUS series, however since they were told by a story made by Zeke, most fans consider them to be non-canon.


inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood

Zeke was telling a woman he met at a bar about a potential invasion that happened during one night of inFAMOUS 2, where his friend Cole MacGrath turned into Vampire. Cole was healing some civilians until he was struck by a vampire so that his blood would wake up a woman known as Bloody Mary who bit him and turned him into a vampire, this lead Cole to look for a way to cure himself of becoming one. Cole went to lean about Merry and her past as ductus, where she fell ill after looking after children and was later brought back to life by a Vampire, where the two took over most of Europe. Leading to the Preast of New Marais, known as Father Ignitus to create a weapon against them, a cross. Merry then sent her Vampire minions to capture more humans and showing Cole what it's like to be a Vampire with a First Born stealing the cross and later gone in circles so that it could keep Cole away from it. This failed and Merry ran away after Cole used the cross on his makeshift Amp. Cole then went to help Zeke blow up the Catacombs so that they could destroy Marry's plans and turn Cole back to normal. It was later revealed that the woman a the bar was also a Vampire, although she could have been a friendlier one.



  • Some UGC Missions made by Sucker Punch have Zeke call the Vampires Blood Conduits, this could mean all of the mythological creatures in the inFAMOUS series could be a form of Conduits.
  • The Vampires may share some similarities with both The Corrupted and the Reapers.
  • Most fans consider the Vampires to be non-canon due to these factors:
    • inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood was a story told by Zeke, meaning that the events may never happen or it was told by Zeke's perspective.
    • The game they came from is a bit vague on where it is placed on the inFAMOUS timeline.


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