Vamprah was a Makuta and a high ranking member of the Brotherhood of Makuta. Vamprah usually spent time hunting matoran using his stealth. Years later, Vamprah was sent to Karda Nui with five others and they split into two groups. Vamprah was part of the first group, which consisted of himself, Antroz, and Chirox, who remained in the Stalagtite Villages to search for the mask of life and convert any surviving Av-Matoran into shadow matoran to prevent the creation of more toa of light after Takanuva. However, they were faced with opposition from the Toa Nuva, who also split into two groups. Antroz, Chirox, and Vamprah fought against the first group of Toa Nuva, consisting of Kopaka, Lewa, and Pohatu, who were assigned to protect the matoran and search for the mask of life.


Vamprah was an extremely skillful and deadly Makuta. He was an expert of being a hunter as he enjoyed stalking his enemies as opposed to direct combat, However, Vamprah does not have the ability for speech unlike other Makuta, though he can heard screeching and hissing in many situations. But it was later revealed that he refused to speak as he felt that it hindered his hunt. Vamprah unusually communicated through telepathy. 

Despite this however, Vamprah was deeply loyal to his teammates, for examples; he willingly become a decoy in order to lure the Av-Matoran into the trap set by Antroz and Chirox and he sadly gave a last look at Krika's corpse after the latter was murdered by Gorast for betraying the Plan.



  • Vamprah's screech and hissing was actually borrowed from the Xenomorphs from the Aliens series. Most interestingly, the way that Vamprah stalked his enemies was the same way as the Xenomorph stalked its victims. 
  • That was a scene where Vamprah disguised himself as the scare-Rahi before ambushing Tanma and Gavla is actually parodised the scene from the Jeepers Creeper 2 where the Creeper himself disguised as one of the scarecrows in Jack's farm before attacking Jack's son Billy Taggart in the first scene of the second movie.


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