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Vamps are corrupt programs or Exiles that have the many abilities of Vampires. They work for The Merovingian in The Matrix Reloaded.


Second Matrix Beta

The Vamps were first shown in the second Matrix Beta that would bring horror to people. However, The Architect viewed the Beta as a failure and made the Vamps Exiles.


The Vamps felt insecure now that they have been required to be deleted.


The Vamps serve the Merovingian alongside the Twins for about 600 years.

Notable Individuals

  • Cain
  • Vlad
  • Malphas
  • Invalesco
  • Feronus
  • Kuchenko
  • Rogueart
  • Entropi
  • Beherit
  • Zagam
  • Kiowan
  • Azrafel
  • Sylphia
  • Tehort


  • They also appear in the videogames The Matrix Online, Enter the Matrix and Path of Neo.


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