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Van Bierk is a minor antagonist of the 2002 James Bond film Die Another Day. He is a diamond smuggler who was in league with Gustav Graves.

He was portrayed by Mark Dymond.


Being a smuggler of African conflict diamonds, Van Bierk formed a deal to sell several of the diamonds to North Korean colonel Tan-Sun Moon (the former identity of Graves) for a series of weapons and hovercrafts.

However, MI6 caught wind of the deal and sent over James Bond and two South Korean spies to intercept them. To that end, Bond and his cohorts planted another beacon to intercept Van Bierk's helicopter to their beacon. With the opportunity at hand, Van Bierk and his cohorts were taken hostage by Bond and his partners, much to his discomfort.

It is unknown what happened to Van Bierk afterwards, either he was killed by Bond or was sent to MI6 custody.



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