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The van der Linde gang (also known as dutch's boys) is the main villainous protagonist faction of the game Red Dead Redemption II, and many of the characters play pivotal roles in the original game Red Dead Redemption.


The van der Linde gang was formed sometime around the 1870s when a con man named Hosea Matthews attempted to rob Dutch van der Linde at a campfire in Chicago, however he failed doing so, then they laughed it off and started a partnership.

Eventually Dutch and Hosea find a kid named Arthur Morgan who was an orphan, Dutch and Hosea took him and mentored him. Arthur started to look Dutch and Hosea as father figures. eventually they pick up a young John Marston, Dutch and Hosea started robbing from the rich and giving to the poor however they stopped doing this after a bunch of heists.

Dutch at one point was friends with Colm O'Driscoll l, and formed a partnership that went on for a while but ended when Dutch killed Colm's brother and Colm killed Annabelle, the woman Dutch loved

They later pulled of the first bank heist in 1887, where they stole $5000 and redistributed it to the poor and the homeless, however the gang's generous streak ended soon and they stopped distributing money, and eventually let the gang get into money lending with Leopold Strauss who took desperate people and pushed them into deals that made his life better at the expense of others.

They picked up other notable members like Sean Mac'guire, and Lenny Summers, Javier Escuella, and Bill Williamson,

Red Dead Redmption II

With the 1800s coming to an end so was the outlaw era, and Dutch started going insane, constantly having to remind the gang that they could outrun the federal agents and live freely. Eventually after a failed trolley station, and a failed bank robbery, the gang ends up in Guarma and Hosea gets killed by federal agents. This leads Dutch to grow more insane and paranoid to the point of tearing the gang apart through Micah's manipulation. Eventually the gang gets split up in two sides and Micah kills Arthur and the gang is officially disbanded.


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