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Vandal Savage is the main antagonist of the animated series Young Justice, based on the superhero team of the same name. He is an immortal meta-human supervillain with the ability of preternatural longevity, as well as the founder and leader of the Light and the primary archenemy of the Team. Having lived since the dawn of mankind, Vandal believes in the "survival of the fittest" ideology, thinking that humanity would "evolve" if they weren't in the protected lifestyle they live in, and to that end, he aspires to become ruler of mankind and defeat the Justice League and the Team, seeing them as the main obstacles in his goals. This version of Vandal is noticeably different than his original counterpart, being portrayed as a tragic and sympathetic character with understandable goals, while still maintaining his ruthlessness.

He was voiced by the late Miguel Ferrer in Season 1-2 and David Kaye in season 3-onward.



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Season 1


Season 2: Invasion


Season 3: Outsiders


Season 4: Phantoms



Keeping faithful with his original incarnation, Vandal was an extremely ruthless and dangerous man. Being the leader of The Light and having lived since the dawn of mankind, he has gained immense knowledge of leadership and confidence, as shown during his confrontation with Kid Flash where he faced down the young speedster and mocked his belief that he could "handle" someone like Vandal. In spite of this, Vandal was extremely calm and collected, often speaking in a calm and collected tone during majority of his appearances, almost never displaying a hint of anger.

Due to his long lifespan and his time as Genghis Khan, Vandal harbors the belief that humanity is stunting their "evolution" from living in the protected lifestyle they currently exist in, feeling that the Justice League should be using their powers to destroy parts of the Earth so that humans could adapt the "survival of the fittest" ideology. He harbors a hatred towards the League due to this to the point that he even attempts to mind control them in order to wage war on other planets. In order to achieve this goal, he is willing to work with other high-ranking villains, forming The Light, even if they don't share the same beliefs as he does. In spite of this, he's not afraid to turn against his seeming allies if he finds any hint of Betrayal, immediately turning on the Reach Ambassador upon learning from Aqualad that The Reach was attempting to betray them and placing a hit on Sportsmaster upon learning the latters intent to kill Aqualad for the murder of Artemis.

For all of his evil, Vandal's portrayal in the show is far more sympathetic than in usual media. It is shown that in spite of his beliefs and his desire to rule mankind, he deep down cares about the Earth and his actions only stem from wanting the planet to become strong enough to protect itself from otherworldly threats, even taking possession of the War World in order to threaten other species to stay away from Earth. Vandal is also shown to be an empathetic person, as he understood Black Manta's pain from Aqualad's mind being destroyed by Miss Martian, due to being a father himself. As a note to this, Vandal has been shown to be an extremely loving father towards his children, showing immense pain from mercy-killing his daughter in order to spare her from her dementia, even asking his children in a grief-filled voice to give her a funeral "worthy of the gods". These traits flesh out Vandal more than his other incarnations and turn him into a compelling villain.

Powers and Abilities

  • Immortality: Exposure to the radiation from the meteor has granted him an endless lifetime, enabling him to survive for around 50,000 years and still be in his prime.
    • Regenerative Healing factor: This ability also gives him healing factor, allowing him to rapidly heal and get restored to him full health at an extremely fast rate. However, scars inflicted prior to his empowerment endure. This also further enhances his strength by allowing him to go to his physical limits without injury.
  • Intelligence: Various combat and strategic skills learned and honed over his 50,000 years of life.
  • Brute Strength: He has above average strength and resilience. Even before his exposure from the meteorite that made him immortal, Savage was able to kill a 12-foot-tall cave bear by himself. After being exposed to the meteorite, Savage's strength seems to be inhuman as he effortlessly lifted Wally in the air by holding his head with one hand and made him fly away with a swift of his hand during their fight.
  • Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Savage is incredibly skilled in hand-to-hand combat. During his fight with Wally West/Kid Flash he was able to react to some of Wally West's attacks and managed to catch by surprise. He also easily endured powerful attacks from Kid Flash.



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