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I know what the others think of me. The Stormtroopers and the Mustafarians. "Poor Vaneé, pathetic Vaneé. Scurrying around here and there doing his master's bidding." But I don't care. I live to serve. And besides.. I have my stories.
~ Vaneé to Thom Hudd about his service to Darth Vader.

Vaneé is a recurring antagonist in the Star Wars franchise, serving as a one-shot antagonist in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the secondary antagonist of Star Wars Adventures: Tales from Vader's Castle, the main antagonist of Star Wars Adventures: Return to Vader's Castle, Star Wars Adventures: Shadow of Vader's Castle, a one-shot antagonist of Star Wars: Crimson Reign issue 4, the main antagonist of Star Wars Adventures: Ghosts of Vader's Castle, and the non-canon animated Disney Plus special Lego Star Wars: Terrifying Tales.

He was played by Martin Gordon in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and voiced by Tony Hale in Lego Star Wars: Terrifying Tales.


Vaneé as an Imperial inspector appears to be a healthy, though pale, old man. After becoming Vader's servant, he became wrinkled, and deathly pale. Rogue One and Terrifying Tales portray his skin to be fair colored, while all of the Vader's castle comics make his skin pale. It could be just the way the illustrator wanted him to look, or it could be that his skin turns pale whenever the Dark Side is fueling him. Most of the time, as shown in Rogue One, Vaneé has dark green eyes, but whenever the Dark Side is filling him and he is acting evil, they turn red. Vaneé is dressed in a dark cloak similar to the ones worn by Sith Lords, except that inside of his hood it is colored purple.


As an Imperial inspector, Vaneé is shown to be prideful, selfish and arrogant, unwilling to listen to ranks lower than him. He also seemed to look down on people as shown he wouldn't listen to the crazy stormtrooper and called him a "brute." He seems to believe everything would go well if he meets a subject of Palpatine, such as Vader, and that he would not dare to hurt him. Vaneé realized his folly after Vader locked him in the chamber room, forcing him to inhale lava fumes. Even in the midst of this he exclaimed that Vader can't scare him because he is a professional imperial officer and that he laughs at such "notions." He laughed, but that made him laugh uncontrollably for days until he became a complete lunatic, that laughs while saliva came out of his mouth. Ever since than, Vaneé became Vader's servant and caretaker of the castle.

Vaneé is a true psychopath

He recovered and regained his sanity, but he was a changed man ever since than. He is very "loyal" to his master and treated Vader like a god, and is shown not to be concerned if and imperial authority arrives, claiming they have no right to judge in his master's fortress. Vaneé became more evil and crazy than he ever was before, he laughs with a sadistic smile and always seems to enjoy the suffering of other people, as shown when he was torturing Hudd on the torture web. Being mentally ill, Vaneé at first lacked morality, however as he regained sanity, he had clear morality, he says he lives to serve, and that he never really cares about being good. He even fully considers himself evil, as he said to Hudd that the Dark Side always wins in the end, and wishes an "Empire of darkness" with his master. He can at times act like a professional polite man, like the time when Krennic came to visit Vader's castle. Vaneé doesn't even have sympathy for children, given that he pulled the young Mustafarian boy named Giggek down his own prison to die. Even after Vader imprisoned Vaneé for his failure and locked him up in a pit, he was still loyal to his master. After escaping his prison after Vader's death, he started to get depressed that Vader died, that is before he heard the voice of his master. Ever since he came to Vader's service, the lava fumes greatly affected his brain, which caused him to hallucinate when hearing the seeming voice of his master's "ghost." He eventually came to realize his mind was playing tricks with him and he wanted to be free from his illusions, Vaneé idolizes Vader, but he does not want to get tricked by his own mind. Ultimately, Vaneé cares for himself, he loves fear and evil and wishes to inflict chaos and torture upon the galaxy. In Vaneé`s eyes, Vader is a perfect example of spreading fear. Vaneé doesn`t particularly care about Vader, he only treats him like a god because he found the perfect embodiment of fear in his eyes. In Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales, Vaneé is shown to speak in third person all the time, possibly to tell the audiences that he is mentally ill.


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

My lord, Director Krennic has arrived.
~ Vaneé to Vader in a bacta tank.
Few people have the honor of seeing Lord Vader in his sanctum. I suggest you keep all you witnessed to yourself.
~ Vaneé to Orson Krennic.

Star Wars: Crimson Reign 4

Vaneé: I would advise that you leave... But it is far too late for that. I have seen and marked you. My master will learn of your visit.
Ren: Yeah, what`s your name friend?
Vaneé: I am called Vaneé.
~ Vaneé to the Knights of Ren, when they invade Fortress Vader

Ren: Not so sure about your plan, Vaneé. How are you gonna tell Vader about us... If you`re dead?
Vaneé: You are fools. My master is very protective over his possessions... of which, I am one. I am in no danger. But I cannot say the same... for you.
~ Vaneé, and the Knights of Ren

Star Wars Adventures: Tales From Darth Vader's Castle

Master, this is Vaneé. Spy droids have identified Rebel forces within the castle. Master! They have found me!
~ Vaneé to Darth Vader on a comlink.

XM-G3: Tell me what the Empire is doing here, or I will open fire.
Vaneé: Heh he, I would like to see you try, metal man.
XM-G3: Wait? How are you doing this?
Vaneé: Me? You think this is me? HAHAHAHAHA! It is my master. You have invoked his WRATH.
~ Vaneé and G3, before Vader destroys G3

Lina Graf: There are no such thing as ghosts.
Vaneé: You sure about that trespasser? Many lost souls wander these hallways, victims of my master, one and all. Your friend the thief is among them.
Skritt: Thief?
Lina Graf: I think he means Hudd.
Vaneé: Was that his name? All I know is that he tried to take something that didn't belong to him and paid the price. He's not the first, not by any means.. I still remember the first raid, not long after construction was completed...
~ Vaneé to rebels Lina Graf and Skritt, telling them of the fate of Thom Hudd.
And show themselves they would have liked them, commander. Savage brutes. Little more than a worthless rabble...but they got lucky. They forced their way past the guards, made it into the castle itself. No one was safe. They learned the folly of their will you.
~ Vaneé to Lina Graf, about the first raid on Fortress Vader years ago.
Ha! Now you understand. Now you fear. And so you should. Behold my master...BEHOLD DARTH VADER, DARK LORD OF THE SITH.
~ Vaneé to Lina Graf when Vader shows up.

Darth Vader: These are the rebels that so terrified you Vaneé? I am disappointed.
Vaneé: The-they breached the castle, master...attempted to steal your treasures.
Darth Vader: Then they shall die.
~ Vaneé and Vader
Master the castle... it's under attack!
~ Vaneé to Darth Vader.

Vaneé: Mercy..
Criakkan: Mercy? Did your master show mercy when he slaughtered all our kin?
Vaneé: You misunderstand me Mustafarian... I wasn't talking to you.
~ Vaneé to Criakkan, the leader of the Mustafarians, after they raid the fortress. (In flashbacks)

Star Wars Adventures: Return to Vader's Castle

Ah, good. You're awake. I've been waiting for you. I was worried you wouldn't make it. I'm impressed. Most people are screaming by now.
~ Vaneé to Thom Hudd after he wakes up.
Do you know why you're here... on Mustafar? In the castle of my dark lord? Yes of course you do. I've been looking foward to this.
~ Vaneé to Thom Hudd before torturing him.
I know what the others think of me. The stormtroopers and the Mustafarians. 'Poor Vaneé. Pathetic Vaneé. Scurrying here and scampering there, forever doing his master`s bidding. But I don`t care. I live to serve. And besides... I have my own stories. Stories to chill the blood and stir the soul. Stories of nightmares past and terrors yet to come. And of course, stories of my master. Darth Vader-scourge of the Jedi. Fist of the emperor. Dark Lord of the Sith.
~ Vaneé to Thom Hudd.
Do you like stories? Hmm? Would you like to hear one now? Yes, I see you do. But which to tell? Which to tell? Monster, Warlord, or...Devil! Yes. That will do nicely. The devil in the darkness, crazed and alone. You`ll like this one, I think. It begins as all good stories should...on a dark and stormy planet. Have you ever been to Lotho Minor? It`s a wonderful place. So desolate. So unforgiving. So toxic. Not that Captain Spikewheel cared.
~ Vaneé to Thom Hudd, telling a story of Darth Maul
And so they searched in the shadows, fear gnawing in their bellies as Fire Rats gnaw on Lava Crystals.
~ Vaneé to Thom Hudd, continueing telling his story to him
The captain had been right when Gritz and the others one comes to Lotho Minor-not unless they're crazy... The scavenger wanted the job of a lifetime. Turns out his life was shorter than expected. That`s the trouble with greed. It never ends well. Of course you found that out for yourself...when you tried to steal from my master...REBEL SCUM!
~ Vaneé to Thom Hudd, concluding his story before torturing him
Good... gooood. I should thank you Lieutenant Hudd...Lord Vader will be pleased with me. Yes, he will. The torture web is a priceless relic from the old times. I wasn`t sure it was still operational. I am now.
~ Vaneé to Thom Hudd, as he is torturing him
What`s that my little thief? Did you say something? No? Well perhaps we can find a way to loosen your tongue. No! That is impossible! Do you think you can outwit me little thief? Do you think you can hide? By Andeddu's flames, I`ll hunt you down. And when I find you... Oh when I find you... We will explore new levels of pain!
~ Vaneé to Thom Hudd, after he escapes his torture web.

Vaneé: You can`t hide from me, rebel scum!
Hudd: Awww, really? I thought I`d least try!
Vaneé: You're fooling yourself, Hudd. I serve the Sith! I never give up!
Hudd: There`s a first time for everything! Why not put your feet up and relax? Do something you really enjoy? You know-like reading? Or knitting? Or pulling the legs off spider-flies?
Vaneé: Ha! I like you Hudd. You do make me laugh. But we can`t change. It`s in our nature. Always has been, always will. Have I told you about the assassin who became a bounty hunter? She was the same. She never ran from danger. Always completed her missions...whatever the cost.
~ Vaneé to Thom Hudd, as he is chasing him
The deal done, the bounty hunter got to work, visiting the most recent scene of the crime...
~ Vaneé to Thom Hudd, telling the story of Asajj Ventress and a group of Sarlaccs
And so the bounty hunter`s search came to an end...Her prey snatched away from under her nose...and with it, her fee...
~ Vaneé to Thom Hudd, continuing telling his story
And so, the job completed, the hunter returned to her employer...
~ Vaneé to Thom Hudd, continuing telling his story

Vaneé: So you see`s never a good idea to cheat a sith from their prize...the Dark Side always wins in the end.
Hudd: Need to find a way out. A way out.
Vaneé: Aha-there you are.
~ Vaneé to Thom Hudd, concluding his story before finding him again
Stop! You shall not hurt this man! That`s my job! Bring him. We have UNFINSIHED BUSINESS.
~ Vaneé, to a group of homicidal training droids as they were about to hurt Hudd

Hudd: I hear that Crakka`s brain is still down there, deep below Jabba`s palace, screaming in the darkness...trapped for all time.
Vaneé: Is that it?
Hudd: "Is that it?" What more do you want?
Vaneé: I want to hear screams of my own. YOUR screams.
Hudd: Are you sure you don`t want another story? I know lots of stories. Umm...what about "The Silent Circle?" I`ve always loved that one. Or "The Curse of the Nameless." That`ll keep you up at night...
Vaneé: No. No more stories. I`ve enjoyed our time together lieutenant, but all good things must come to an end, My experiment...your LIFE.
Hudd: No. Please, you don`t want to do this...
Lina Graf: He`s right. You don`t.
Vaneé: Wha-
Lina Graf: I have orders to transport the prisoner to Coruscant. Orders from the Emperor himself...
Vaneé: An Inquisitor? Here?
~ Vaneé, going to kill Hudd before Lina Graf, disguised as the Fourth Sister, intervened

Lina Graf: The prisoner will come with me.
Vaneé: NO! You have no authority here.
Lina Graf: I am a member of the Emperor`s elite. I have authority everywhere.
Vaneé: But this is the domain of LORD VADER!
Lina Graf: Am I supposed to be impressed? You dare defy the will of the Emperor? A mere servant?
Vaneé: Aren`t we all servants of the Empire?
Lina Graf: I haven`t time to argue. The Emperor awaits.
Vaneé: Amusing. You sound like another Imperial envoy who came to Mustafar long ago...Just before he lost his mind.
~ Vaneé to Lina Graf

Rersey: I demand that you EXPLAIN yourself, Vader.
Vaneé: Demand? You are a gust of the Dark Lord, Advisor Rersey. You will show respect.
Rersey: And I am an emissary of the Emperor himself. You forgot yourself, Vaneé. If you think that I am of your master and his parlor tricks-
~ Vaneé to Rersey (in flashbacks)

Rersey: What is the meaning of this? I thought this fortress was supposed to be secure?
Vaneé: Maybe you should secure your mouth.
Rersey: What did you say?
Vaneé: Nothing oh illustrious one. Nothing at all.
~ Vaneé to Rersey (in flashbacks)

Rersey: Lord Vader. You will explain what is happening-
Vaneé: Isn`t it obvious? The castle is under attack!
~ Vaneé to Rersey, before a horde of undead Mustafarians attack (in flashbacks)

Vaneé: Advisor, we need to get out of here!
Rersey: It`s too late!
~ Vaneé and Rersey, after Vader seemingly becomes undead (in flashbacks)

Rersey: What is the meaning of this? Who in the Emperor's name are you?
Vaneé: Careful advisor. She obviously controls these creatures.
Mother Ssl: Indeed I do I am Mother Ssl of Clan Rrrt.
Rersey: This is an Imperial facility.
Mother Ssl: And this is our world. A world with secrets that I have vowed to protect at all costs.
Rersey: Secrets? What secrets?
Vaneé: I would suggest the use of the word means she is unlikely to tell us, advisor.
~ Vaneé and Rersey, to Mother Ssl, leader of the horde of undead Mustafarians. (in flashbacks)

Mother Ssl: How is that possible? You were infected!
Darth Vader: Because I was bitten by one of your slaves? Only flesh and blood can be infected.
Mother Ssl: Then why call of the defense of your castle? Why heed my call?
Vaneé: Ha! To draw you out, BREATHLESS ONE. My mater is wise. My master is cunning. My master is POWERFUL!
~ Vaneé, Vader, and Ssl (in flashbacks)
Your will is superior master, the Mustafarians will quake to hear your name once more.
~ Vaneé, to Vader (in flashbacks)

Vaneé: So, as you can see Inquisitor...merely being a lackey of the Emperor isn`t must earn your respect within these walls. If indeed you are an Inquisitor at all!
Lina Graf: How did you know?
Vaneé: That you were a fake? An Inqusitor without a lightsaber? You must think me a fool...commander Lina Graf of Rebel Intelligence!
~ Vaneé, to Lina Graf, discovering that she is not an Inquisitor
Aaahhh my eyes!!!!!
~ Vaneé, covering his eyes from bright holograms
Rebel scum. You got away, but you haven`t won. No, not at all. My master need never know any of this. I am his loyal servant. Yes... yes, I am. His will is my- M-master... I can explain... I never meant...
~ Vaneé to Vader before Vader punishes him.

Star Wars Adventures: Shadow of Vader's Castle

This is exactly why I have been sent from Imperial command. Look at him, gibbering like a lunatic.
~ Imperial inspector Vaneé, commenting on how crazy a maddened stormtrooper is. (In flashback.)

Vaneé: How many troopers is that now?
See Seven: At least a dozen. They've all ended up the same way, their minds snapped.
Vaneé: Or They're just weak. Jumping at shadows
~ Vaneé to his assistant droid See Seven, discussing of why stormtroopers have gone mad on Mustafar. (in flashback.)
Hello? Where is everyone? Lord Vader?
~ Vaneé looking for Vader in Vader`s Castle. (in flashback.)

Vaneé: L-Lord Vader?
Darth Vader: What do you want from me?
Vaneé: I H-Have been sent by Moff Seward. The Stormtroopers...assigned to the fortress...
Darth Vader: They've been going mad.
Vaneé: I thought they were being weak-minded--But after coming here...these gases...They're incredibly toxic. The castle... isn`t safe. I can only recommend that-we evacuate immediately and install-environmental filters.
Darth Vader: No.
Vaneé: What do you mean no?! It`s all right for you, floating in your tank or wearing a respirator. You don`t have to breathe this stuff...
Hallucination: All right for you...
Vaneé: Aaargh!
~ Vaneé and Vader, talking about filters for the castle. (in flashback)

Darth Vader: The gases can be filtered, but first I need a servant... Someone to attend my needs...
Hallucinations: Needs... Needs... Needs... Needs... Needs...
Vaneé: Got to get out of here... The trooper was right... the eyes... so many eyes...
Darth Vader:...And you are the best candidate to arrive in months.
Vaneé: Wait? What? I can`t move. W-Why can`t I move?!
Darth Vader: Because I do not allow it.
Vaneé: Please... the fumes... I can see... see the most terrible things. LET ME GO!
Darth Vader: Look upon them. Tell me what you see.
Vaneé: No. They're not real. I know they're not real. You can`t scare me. I`m an Imperial Officer! I... I laugh at such notions. haha ha. HE HE HE HE HE HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Vaneé, going insane. (in flashback)

Darth Vader: Now will you serve me?
Vaneé: Ha-ha-ha. Yes. He He He. Yes, I will serve you. The voices... They told me.
Darth Vader: And what is your name servant?
Vaneé: My name? He-he-he... My name is Vaneé... Master!
~ Vaneé, introducing and submitting himself to Darth Vader after driven mad. (in flashback)

Vaneé: me...I`m trapped.
~ Vaneé, calling for two young Mustafarians named Tuttel and Giggek to help him

Vaneé:Oh, thank locphet. I have been down for so long with only the spark-roaches for company…lovely crunchy spark-roaches.
~ Vaneé, to the Mustafarian boys Tuttel and Giggek

Giggek: Who put you down there?
Vaneé: The Dark Lord. He… He was angry. But I did nothing wrong… nothing wrong at all.
~ Vaneé, to Giggek, commenting on how he ended up in the pit.

Tuttel: We must be mad...
Vaneé: No...You are kind...both of you. Not like the Dark Lord. He was cruel.
Tuttel: Yeah, but now he`s gone.
Vaneé: Gone? That`s...impossible. He was so powerful. I thought nothing could defeat him...although many tried.
~ Vaneé, to Tuttel and Giggek

Vaneé: In his thirst for revenge, the scientist had made one fatal error...Darth Vader wasn`t afraid of becoming a monster, after all...that happened a long time ago..
~ Vaneé, to Tuttel and Giggek, telling them a story.

Vaneé: Oh, dear. How clumsy of me.
Tuttel: Why did you do that? We tried to save you.
Vaneé: Yes, but you also threatened to blow up my master`s fortress, and I cannot allow that.
Tuttel: Your master? Who are you?
Vaneé: Who am I? I am the servant of the Dark Lord, the one true Acolyte of the Beyond. I am Vaneé, keeper of the Obsidian Flame. I am death to all who profane the name of the Sith.
Giggek: You are finished!
Vaneé: What? You survive?
Giggek: Yeah, I survived. And I still have the detonator. Tuttel, if you can hear me, run... run as fast as you can... and tell everyone what we did.
~ Vaneé, Tuttel and Giggek, before Giggek blows up the bottom of the fortress.

Vaneé: Foolish child... haven`t you heard... The Sith are hard to kill...but what if they were speaking the truth? What if my master is truly gone?
Vader Hallucination: Do not fear, faithful servant...
Vaneé: What? Who is there?
Vader Hallucination: You know my voice, Vaneé. Did I not speak to you in the pit, in the darkness, in the smoke? Did I not speak to you in the lava itself?
Vaneé: Yes, Yes. I hear you, oh lord. Speak words of hope to me and I will obey.
Vader Hallucination: It is not over. Not yet. Not while you can bring him back... your master will return to the fires of Mustafar and, this time, he will be made whole... Vader Triumphant. Vader Supreme. Vader... reborn!
~ Vaneé and the supposed ghost of his master

Star Wars Adventures: Ghosts of Vader`s Castle

Vaneé: They say that you are dead, master. That you were defeated.
Vader Hallucination: Defeated? The Sith can never be defeated. I shall rise again. More powerful than ever before. It is the will of the Dark Side.
Vaneé: The will. Yesss. Tell me what I must do, my lord.
Vader Hallucination: Is the ritual prepared, Vaneé? Are you prepared?
Vaneé: Yes, master. All is as it should be.
Vader Hallucination: Then begin...
Vaneé: At last.
~ Vaneé and the Vader hallucination, about to prepare a ritual

Vaneé: I call upon the Immortal Gods of the Sith. On malevolence, anger, and dread. Reach across the stars, spirits of the Obsidian Flame. Seek out those who have wronged us. For the Dark Lord will rise again. The Dark Lord will have his revenge...
~ Vaneé, orchrestrating his ritual

Vaneé: Welcome back to Mustafar, loyal droid.
Crater: Thank you... master. I have brought the sacrifice as you commanded
Vaneé: Yesss... Soon they will arrive. All of them. And learn the true meaning of fear.
~ Vaneé and Crater, who was controlled by the former, kidnaps Lina Graf`s younger brother Milo to Mustafar

Lina Graf: Come to think of it, where are all the Ties? They can`t just have vanished.
Vaneé: You sure about that?
Lina Graf: That voice... That`s not Jaxxon.
Vaneé: No Lina... It`s not.
Lina Graf: Who... Who are you?
Vaneé: Your worst nightmare. Yes, that`s it. Run, little girl. I like it when they run.
Lina Graf: N-need to find the others. None of this makes sense.
Vaneé: Sense? What are you talking about? Only a child thinks this galaxy makes sense... but you are a child aren`t you, Lina?
Lina Graf: What? No!
Vaneé: Little Lina Graf. So lost, so alone. Just like always. No family. No droid. Not even your little brother.
~ Vaneé appearing to Lina Graf as a young, evil Anakin Skywalker in a nightmare

Vaneé: Liiiinaaaa... Liiiinaaaa... Come out Lina. I only want to play...Lina... I`ll find you Lina.
~ Vaneé appearing to Lina Graf as a young, evil Anakin Skywalker, taunting her

Vaneé: Safe? I don`t think so. This is where the fun begins. I told you... you can`t escape. There`s no point in trying.
~ Vaneé appearing to Lina Graf as an evil version of Anakin Skywalker, attempting to "kill" her
"Save yourself, Save Milo." How brave. How noble. I have only one question, droid... Who`s going to save you?
~ Vaneé, appearing as Anakin Skywalker, destroys Crater in Lina`s nightmare
Did you hear that, Lina? He`s gone, Lina. They`re all gone. Your friends. Your parents. Your little brother
~ Vaneé, appearing as Anakin Skywalker, ruthlessly tormenting lina, stating that all she knew and loved are dead
That`s just it... sister...I am Vader. Vader Reborn. Vader Renowed. Vader Triumphant!
~ Vaneé, appearing as a cross between Milo and Vader, frightening Lina Graf
What did I tell you girl? Your friends are gone, as is any hope you have of saving your brother. It`s over... and so are you.
~ Vaneé, appearing as his master Darth Vader, sadisticly taunting Lina Graf that her friends are dead before killing her, in vision.

Crater: Oh no... no, no, no, no, no. You stay away from her, do you hear? Haven`t you done enough?
Vaneé: Enough? I`ve only just started...
~ Crater and Vaneé, after the latter captures Lina Graf and her crew.

Lina Graf: What the-W-what is this?
Vaneé: This? This is your destiny, Lina Graf. Your destiny and my revenge. His revenge.
Lina Graf: Vaneé, let me out of this.
Vaneé: Oh, you`ll be released... only after the ritual is complete.
~ Vaneé, to Lina Graf, after they wake up, realizing they are in captivity.

Vaneé: He-hehhe-he Do you hear them, master? They think I only controlled the droid. Don`t they realize that they were all my puppets... that I used their own dreams against them, drawing them back to the castle.
Skritt: The nightmares... they were you?
Vaneé: No one is safe from the Sith, not even when they sleep. I knew you would come. Loved ones in danger? New monsters to fight? How could you resist?
~ Vaneé, to his prisoners, telling them he orchestrated their dreams
Actually, I was wondering the same thing. Who are you again?
~ Vaneé, to Jaxxon, wondering why he had nightmares from him

Vaneé: You all must be silent. There is much to do. The hour approaches.
~ Vaneé, beginning his ritual to resurrect his master, Darth Vader
As you were there where he perished, so you shall be here when he rises again. No... more than that... You shall be the means of his resurrection.
~ Vaneé, to Lina Graf, telling her she will be the new host for Vader
Yes, master. I hear you master. The moment has come. I release the vapors just like you taught me. Let them guide your path.
~ Vaneé, talking to his hallucination, attempting to "ressurect" his master
Do you hear her, master? She doubts you. Doubts your power. Soon she will believe. She will know.
~ Vaneé, when Lina Graf refuses to believe Vader is coming back
Speak, oh lord. Speak and we shall listen. Rise from the ashes, as it has been foretold. Spread your dark arms across the galaxy. Vader Reborn! Vader Immortal!
~ Vaneé, conducting his ritual to resurrect Vader
Yes... Yes! And now the screaming starts! The ghosts are here! The age of the Sith is upon us! A new empire of darkness. His empire
~ Vaneé, continuing his ritual

Vaneé: Finally, after all the indignities, all the tricks. Finally she understands... Finally she fears! M-master? Master is that you?
Lina Graf: Va...neé... Release me this instant. No one binds Darth Vader. No one!
Vaneé: A-at once, my lord. Y-you have returned to me.
Lina Graf: It was the will of the Force.
Vaneé: And w-what does the Force will now, oh dark one? What terror shall we unleash upon the galaxy?
~ Vaneé, to Lina Graf, pretending to be possessed by the "spirit" of Darth Vader
What? No! This isn`t possible. The spirit of my lord consumed you. I saw it with my own eyes.
~ Vaneé, to Lina Graf, after she frees the fellow prisoners

Vaneé: No! No, you can`t leave me here. You can`t leave me trapped!
Vader Hallucination: Why Vaneé? Isn`t this what you wanted? Isn`t this what you hoped for?
Vaneé: Nooo...
Vader Hallucination: This is the way it should be... master and servant... together... TOGETHER FOR ALL ETERNITY!
~ Vaneé, trapped with his hallucination

Lego Star Wars: Terrifying Tales

Vaneé: Master!
Darth Sidious: Gah! Who is that? Who are you?
Vaneé: Vaneé is but the humble servant to Darth Vader, Lord of the Sith. hmhmhm! I`ve prepared your bath, master.
Darth Sidious: Conquer now, tubby time later. Let`s go.
Darth Vader: But my castle...
Darth Sidious: Fine. You. Darth Hideous. Keep an eye on the place.
Vaneé: It would be Vaneé`s honor to serve. HahahahohohoHAHAHA!!!!
~ Vaneé, Darth Sidious, and Darth Vader

NI-L8: A stranger enters. Could they be the one to fulfill the Prophecy of Mustafar?
Vaneé: A fearless pilot arrives with the strength to unlock the treasures of my master`s castle? Perhaps.
~ Vaneé, and his droid assistant NI-L8

Poe Dameron: Come on kid.
Vaneé: No! The fearless pilot mustn`t leave.
Graballa the Hutt: Vaneé! What have I told you about sneaking up on people?
~ Vaneé, Poe Dameron, and Graballa the Hutt, after Poe enters the castle

Graballa the Hutt: Ok Vaneé. We`ve talked about sniffing the guests. Boys...
Vaneé: But Vaneé has something to show the brave pilot.
Poe Dameron: Some other time. We`re in kind of a rush.
Vaneé: NI-L8, show them. Behold the Helmet of Ren!
Poe Dameron: Did you say Ren? As in Kylo?
Vaneé: This helmet belonged to the one who created him. Would you like to hear it`s tale?
Graballa the Hutt: The man said he`s in a rush!
Poe Dameron: Tell me.
Vaneé: This is the tale of a powerful warrior who longed for more...
~ Vaneé, telling Poe Dameron a story

Vaneé: And that night was Kylo Ren`s first step on his path to power! HAHAHA!!
~ Vaneé, after telling his story

Poe Dameron: An how did that remind him? What was even the point of the story? To scare us?
Graballa the Hutt: It worked!
Vaneé: No! To remind you that there is much to be taken by those unafraid by it.
~ Poe Dameron, questioning Vaneé of the meaning of the story

Vaneé: Sith artifacts lie beyond this door. The Prophecy of Mustafar foretells the arrival of a fearless stranger with the strength to open it. Perhaps, a brave pilot who has fought many battles
Poe Dameron: Sounds like my cue.
~ Vaneé, explaining about the Prophecy of Mustafar

Vaneé: Yes, follow Vaneé. HAHAHA!
~ Vaneé, after Poe Dameron unlocks the door to the depths of Fortress Vader

Vaneé: Much to see. Much to find... Come on!
~ Vaneé, as he and Poe Dameron are exploring the undiscovered places of Vader`s Castle

Vaneé: The ancient lightsaber repository. We`re looking for something very special. The Saber of Scardont. Said to be a lightsaber of unusual power-How dare you!
~ Vaneé, in a lightsaber chamber and explaining the Saber of Scardont, only for Graballa to snatch it away.

Vaneé: Would any of you care to hear the Tale of the Saber of Scardont?
Poe Dameron: Why do I have the feeling no matter what we say, you`re gonna...
Vaneé: It is a tale of two monstrosities.
~ Vaneé, telling the story of the Saber of Scardont to the whole company

Vaneé: Left for dead by a Jedi named Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Maul nonetheless survived and made his way to a clan of witches known as the Nightsisters.
~ Vaneé, telling his story

Vaneé: But Maul was not the only one who returned after being left for dead. A loyal student to Count Dooku once known as Qymaen jai Sheelal, but reborn as General Grievous.
~ Vaneé, continuing telling his story

Vaneé: Though the journey was difficult, Grievous would not yield.
~ Vaneé, continuing telling his story

Vaneé: Defeated, but not destroyed, Darth Maul gained a valuable insight into his feeling...
Dean: I got it!
Vaneé: As Vaneé was saying, Darth Maul gained a valuable insight. Power comes not from serving others, but...
Dean: From serving yourself.
Vaneé: Very good, boy. Now see where the saber leads you.
~ Vaneé, concluding his story

Vaneé: Perhaps Vaneé places his hopes on the wrong pilot.
NI-L8 Perhaps.
~ Vaneé and NI-L8, making a decision that Poe Dameron may be the wrong chosen person to fulfill the Prophecy of Mustafar.

Vaneé: The first Temple of Mustafar. Built generations ago. A repository of ancient lore!
~ Vaneé, introducing the group to the First Temple of Mustafar.

Vaneé: Yes, the boy has found it. This has the power to make any dream come true.
Graballa the Hutt: That little triangle makes wishes come true. Oh please, Nothing in the galaxy can do that.
Dean: A Wookie`s Paw can.
Vaneé: Oh, the child knows of the Wookie`s Paw?
Dean: The pilot who came to my mom`s shop would tell stories.
Poe Dameron: I`ve heard those stories too, they're made up.
Vaneé: Are they? Submitted to your approval. The tale of a boy in search of more. Of a better life. Much like you.
~ Vaneé, to Dean

Vaneé: Just as the Wookie`s Paw gave Skywalker all that he wanted, this holocron will grant whatever you desire.
Poe Dameron: No! the story is a warning. Be careful what you wish for!
Vaneé: I know what you want. For your family to be safe. Open this, and never fear for them again. Not with your hands. Your heart.
~ Vaneé, to Dean

Dean: You said this makes dreams come true!
Vaneé: It does make dreams come true, mine! Long has Vaneé waited for this. I thought you were the one to make it happen. But little did I know it was the boy I needed. One who is strong with the Force!
~ Vaneé, having everything he needs

Vaneé: Oh my whole life I was weak. Pitiful. Afraid to seize power. Always toiling for others. Now Vaneé has all he desires.
~ Vaneé, transforming to a giant robot

Vaneé: For a generation the galaxy feared my master! Now it shall fear... me! These fools have served their purpose. NI-L8, annihilate them!
NI-L8: As you command!
~ Vaneé, now having an army of Battle Droids and commanding NI-L8 to destroy everyone else

NI-L8: Master, are you alright?
Vaneé: Without the holocron, my power will not hold! Get them!
~ Vaneé, after Poe Dameron steals his source of power

Vaneé: Where is my holocron?! The energy of the Dark Side is slipping away! Where is the holocron!?
~ Vaneé, searching for Poe Dameron and Dean

Vaneé: My holocron!
~ Vaneé, after spotting Dean carrying his holocron on Poe`s X-wing

Vaneé: Master is gone! The Emperor is gone! Finally the galaxy shall fear me!
~ Vaneé, attempting to kill Poe Dameron

Vaneé: Give me the holocron and I will spare your friends life! The choice is yours boy!
Dean: Alright. Although this reminds me the story of the Wookie`s Paw.
Vaneé: And how is that?
Dean: Careful what you wish for!
Vaneé: NOOOOOO!!!!!
~ Vaneé, threatening to kill Poe Dameron before falling into the lava with his holocron

NI-L8: Master forgive me, I... failed you.
~ Vaneé, gripping on to NI-L8 to get out of the lava


  • He was originally going to appear in Star Wars Rebels: Season 4 in the episodes Wolves and a Door and the A World Between Worlds. However, he was scripted to die, and since it takes place prior to Rogue One, the character that was to be Vaneé developed into a separate character, Veris Hydan, who may not even be related to Vaneé. However though, his appearance resembles and was heavily inspired by Vaneé.
  • When Rogue One first came out, many people had mistaken him to be the same character as Imperial Advisor Kren Blista-Vanee, one of the advisors briefly seen accompanying Darth Sidious on the Second Death Star in Return of the Jedi. This theory was dismissed and was proved to be false, since the story of Vaneé was expanded in the canon Vader's Castle comic series, and since Kren Blista-Vanee died when the Second death Star exploded while Vaneé was trapped in a pit on Mustafar, it proves that Kren Blista-Vanee is a 100% not Vaneé, not even related to him.
  • Like all other Star Wars characters, he was speculated to be Snoke, he was heavily speculated to be Snoke when the trailer came out. However, the theory lessened when Rogue One came out, and, like all the other Snoke theories, it was proven to be false.
  • Vaneé was presumed to have a major role as a new villain when Rogue One came out, but it turns out he was a minor character to the film.
  • Vaneé shares many similarities with Bellatrix Lestrang from the Harry Potter movies.
  • 1: Vaneé and Bellatrix both have an unhealthy obsession with their masters Vader and Voldemort.
  • 2: Both never really cared for their masters, but worship them. Vaneé worships Vader only because he views him as the embodiment of fear, in which he can use him as a symbol to terrorize the galaxy, while Bellatrix views Voldemort as the culmination of all her beliefs of pure blood supremacy and dark arts.
  • 3: They both are mentally ill, but understand right from wrong.
  • 4: They love to inflict pain on others.
  • In the 2017 canon Star Wars issue Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith 8, in 19 BBY, Vaneé was present on Coruscant, informing Vader that Jedi Master Jocasta Nu was found. However in the 2020 canon comic Star Wars: Shadow of Vader`s Castle, it is revealed that Vaneé did not serve Vader until after the construction of Fortress Vader, which was in 12 BBY. Given that, it was retconned that the servant in Dark Lord of the Sith is not him, despite of how close in appearance they are.
  • What happened to Vaneé following Ghosts of Vader`s castle is unknown, but it is safe to assume that he starved to death, or he died when the castle collapsed into the lava, given that in the Rise of Skywalker novel Fortress Vader was in ruins, and Vaneé was nowhere to be found.
  • Vaneé surviving in Terrifying Tales may not be literal, it could just be to scare the fans, while what actually happened is he died in the lava.
  • In Vader`s Castle, Vaneé was inspired by Renfield

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Arno | Chillie Walsh | Colonel Pierson | Ab Cross | Colonel Heller | King Leonidas | Bookman | Swinburne | Vaneé | Mr. Eben | Mark Pierson | Hugh McRae | Sam Eagle Speaker | Kerwood Krinkle | Frank Sitwell | Hnup Wan | Dr. Terminus | Gogans | Charles Olympus | Mr. Stallwood | Mr. Smith | Omar | Wooly Bill Hitchcock | Big Mac | Hans Reinhardt | The Watcher | George McKinzie | Alec Frost | Bluto | Vermithrax Pejorative | Tyrian | Master Control Program | Sark | Ed Dillinger Sr. | Program Guards | Mark Jennings | Kelly | Mr. Dark | Autumn People (Dust Witch) | Mike | Rosie Little | Hunters | Nome King | Princess Mombi | Connie | Bullwhip | Parker | Buzz | Wolf's Owner | Timber Wolf | Hunter | Eagle | Alistair Patton | Patton Sr. | Judge Doom | Toon Patrol (Smartass, Greasy, Psycho, Wheezy & Stupid) | Abdullah | Mr. Patel | Nigel | John Merrick | Beauty Smith | Luke & Tinker | Sykes | Cherokee | Lip-Lip | Fritz | Neville Sinclair | Lothar | Nigel Snyder | Joseph Pulitizer | Delancy Brothers | Charles Hendrickson | Terence Wheeler | Winifred Sanderson | Mary Sanderson | Sarah Sanderson | John Ricketts | The King and the Duke | Pap Finn | Cardinal Richelieu | Captain Rochefort | Milady de Winter | Borg Guillarson | Leland Drury | Heath | Miners | Lloyd Halverson | William Boone | Buldeo | John Wilkins | Tabaqui (1994) | Sergeant Harley | Bandits | Sergeant Clairbourne | Shere Khan (1994) | Bandar Log (1994) (King Louie (1994) & Kaa (1994)) | Gilbert Sipes | Juice | Ranch Wilder | Injun Joe | Emmett | Tony Perkis | Agent Woods | Jack and Ralph | Ashcan and Pete | Long John Silver | Aunt Sponge | Aunt Spiker | Rhino | Skeleton Pirates | Shark | Cruella De Vil (1996) | Jasper and Horace (1996) | Mr. Skinner | Jean-Pierre Le Pelt | Alonzo | Norman Snively | Ricky King | Trey | Vince | Lyle Van de Groot | Max and Thor | Lion | Beatrice Stanhope | Stepmother | Chester Hoenicker | Wilson Croft | Smith & Wesson | Bennett Hoenicker | Luanne LeSeur | Meredith Blake | Natalya | Popov | Frank Slater | Shere Khan (1998) | Tabaqui (1998) | Bandar Log (1998) | Kalabar | Eddie Taffet | Andrei Strasser | Elliot Coleye | Boogeyman | Dr. Claw | MAD Cat | Kramer | RoboGadget | Miss Hannigan | Rooster and Lily St. Regis | PAT | Malcolm | Dimitri Denatos | The Phantom | Snerbert | Lana Thomas | Josh Bryant | Baron and Baroness von Troken | Elliot T. Jindraike | Troy McGinty | Dobbs | Evil Ice Cream Man | Kal | Alex | Professor Siles | Reed Thimple | Jennifer Stone | Toy Santa | Sally & Kowalski | Louise Walker | Mr. Sir | Charles "Trout" Walker | Kissin' Kate Barlow | Linda Walker | Sheriff | Doug & Gordon | Hector Barbossa | Crew of the Black Pearl (Bo'sun, Scratch, Pintel & Ragetti) | Master Gracey | Madame Leota | Ramsley | Zombies | Werecat Lady | Carla Santini | Lord Kelvin | Black Scorpions (General Fang) | Inspector Fix | Viscount Mabrey | Edgar Dalloway | Knights of the Iron Dagger (Phil Flanagan) | Ian Howe | Bill Fawcett | Mr. & Mrs. Chuns | Zaphod Beeblebrox | Frankie & Benjy | Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz | Vogons | Humma Kavula | Gag Halfrunt | Royal Pain | Stitches | Lash | Speed | Penny Lent | Trip Murphy | Jadis the White Witch | Jadis' Secret Police (Maugrim & Vardan) | Ginarrbrik | General Otmin | Thantos DuBaer | Dr. Kozak | Dr. Gwen Lichtman | Larry | Yan-Lo | Jessica Dawson | Crew of the Flying Dutchman (Davy Jones, Maccus & Kraken) | Cutler Beckett | East India Trading Company (Mr. Mercer) | The Dominion (Silas Sinister, Chancellor Goodwin, Dr. Ichabod Grogg & Sinister Sisters) | Jack Frost | Selkirk Tander | Grim & Denning | Dark Master | Janice Avery | Queen Narissa | Nathaniel | Mitch Wilkinson | Simon Bar Sinister | Cad Lackey | El Diablo | Henry Burke | Miraz | Telmarines (Glozelle & Sopespian) | Nikabrik | Hag & Werewolf | Kendall Duncan | Tess Tyler | Speckles | Lucinda | Oswald Granger | Red Queen | Knave of Hearts | Card Soldiers | Jabberwock | Jubjub Bird | Hamish Ascot | Morgana le Fay | Morganians (Maxim Horvath, Abigail Williams, Sun Lok, Drake Stone & Marrok) | Nizam | Ms. Stout | CLU 2 | Rinzler | Gem | Black Guards | Blackbeard | Angelica Teach | The Spaniard | King Ferdinand VI | King George ll | Tex Richman | Moopets | San Than | Matai Shang | Tal Hajus | Jenny | Chacha | Deimata | Myra Santelli | Latham Cole | Butch Cavendish | Jay Fuller | Thanos | Evanora | Theodora | Constantine | Dominic Badguy | Maleficent (2014) | Diaval | King Stefan (2014) | King Henry | The Giant | The Witch | The Wolf | Lady Tremaine (2015) | Grand Duke (2015) | Anastasia Tremaine (2015) | Drizella Tremaine (2015) | Lucifer (2015) | David Nix | Kylo Ren | General Hux | Captain Phasma | Supreme Leader Snoke | Shere Khan (2016) | Bandar Log (2016) (King Louie (2016)) | Kaa (2016) | Fleshlumpeater | Giants (Bloodbottler & Bonecruncher) | Orson Krennic | Grand Moff Tarkin | Darth Vader | Pramod Kadam | Naomi | Jassi | Wrestlers | Melissa | Beast (2017) | Gaston LeGume (2017) | LeFou (2017) | Asylum D'Loons (Monsieur D'Arque (2017)) | Tom, Dick & Stanley (2017) | The King (2017) | Armando Salazar | Crew of the Silent Mary (Lesaro) | Scarfield | BB-9E | DJ | Bucky Buchanan | It | Black Thing | Dryden Vos | Tobias Beckett | Darth Maul | Sugar Plum Fairy | Tin Soldiers | William Weatherall Wilkins | V.A. Vandevere | Neils Skellig | Rufus Sorghum | Jafar (2019) | Iago (2019) | Cave of Wonders (2019) | Scar (2019) | Hyena Clan (2019) (Shenzi, Kamari & Azizi) | Queen Ingrith | Gerda | Borra | Rat (2019) | Devon & Rex | Isaac | Emperor Sheev Palpatine | Allegiant General Pryde | Chesille Sabrond | Chandra | Artemis Fowl | Opal Koboi | Briar Cudgeon | Troll | Princess January | Aaron Burr | Thomas Jefferson | James Madison | James Reynolds | King George III | Bori Khan | Hun Army (Xian Lang) | Cruella De Vil (2021) | Jasper and Horace (2021) | Baroness von Hellman | Prince Joachim | Lope de Aguirre

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Br'er Fox & Br'er Bear | Giant Magnet | Evil Clown | Judge Doom | Toon Patrol (Smartass, Greasy, Psycho, Wheezy & Stupid) | Merlock | Dijon | Aunt Sponge | Aunt Spiker | Rhino | Skeleton Pirates | Shark | Bill Bluff | BluffCo Industries (Guy Graham, Bob & Bluff Agents) | Phillium Benedict | Anti-Recess Legion (Kojak, Fenwick, Anti-Recess Agents, Anti-Recess Ninjas, Anti-Recess Scientists, Agent Henderson, Agent Smithson, Agent Underville, Agent Franklin, Agent Morrisey, Agent Goodman, Dr. Rosenthal, Dr. Lazenby & Dr. Steinheimer) | Gelman | Gloomius Maximus | Dr. Ivan Krank | Clarabelle Cow | Von Talon | Cufflingk and Underlingk | Kazar | Wildebeests (Blag) | Scab and Scraw | Charlie Anna | Nalini, Padmini and Sunithia | Chhainu | Vidia | Jacob Marley | Old Joe | Supervisor | Duryodhan | Mr. Whiskers | Shelley | Were-Rat | Sea Monkeys | Mr. Burgermeister | Ripslinger | Ned and Zed | Zarina

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Flintheart Glomgold | Magica De Spell | Beagle Boys (Ma Beagle) | Stan and Heff | Fat Cat's Gang (Fat Cat) | Norton Nimnul | Aldrin Klordane | Baby Thaddeus | Ratso Ratzkiwatzki | Evil Manta | The Sorceress | Lobster Mobster and Da Shrimp | Mozenrath | Mirage | Mechanicles | The Collector (Bonkers) | Demona | David Xanatos | Kent Powers | Henry Villanova | The Green-Eyed Monster of Jealousy | Ivy DeVil | Judge Dimsdale De Vil | Gelman | Tad White | James Stone | Dr. Slicer | Gilda | Mayor Phillip Fitzhugh | SAL 3000 | DeSilvo | Earl Raymond | Cousin Zeke | Al Roker | Chuckles | Skeleton King | The Formless | Mandarin | Valeena | Dark Ones (Dark One Worm) | Huntsman | Huntsgirl | Dark Dragon | Dr. Bedlam | Heinz Doofenshmirtz | Norm | Vanessa Doofenshmirtz | Lucius Heinous VII | Brad Buttowski | Brianna Buttowski | Harold Buttowski | Brick Bristol | Bill Cipher | Li'l Gideon | Stanley Pines | Abraham Kane | Donald Duck's Raw Anger | Jordan Buttsquat | Suzi | Lord Dominator | Lord Hater | Commander Peepers | Rippen | Toffee | Ludo | Meteora Butterfly | Mina Loveberry | Solaria Butterfly | Tom Lucitor | Commander Heist | Lazlo | Zhan Tiri | Lady Caine | Varian | King Edmund | Cassandra | Bradford Buzzard | Flintheart Glomgold (2017) | Magica De Spell (2017) | General Lunaris | Obake | Diane Amara | Noodle Burger Boy | Globby | Chris | High Voltage | Baron Von Steamer | Momakase | Mel Meyer | Mad Jacks | Trina | Hardlight | Chip Whistler | Gwendolyn Zapp | Hunter De Vil | Cuddles | Clarissa Corgi | Portia Poodle | Canal Crew (Fergus, Sid Squirrel & Big Fee) | Bessie the Cornish Cow | King Andrias | Captain Grime | Sasha Waybright | The Core | King Aldrich | Emperor Belos | Hunter | Lilith Clawthorne | The Collector (The Owl House) | Infinity Ultron | The Ghost Council | The Chairman | The Barrister Ghosts

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Miss Hendra | Victoria Kayne | Gorog | Dominic | Evil Alex | Dr. Evilini | The Mummy | Ronald Longcape Jr. | Penelope | Kaita | Lanny Parker | King Kalakai/Yamakoshi | Zadoc | Farhog the Fierce | Lexi Reed | Susan Skidmore | Sally Jensen | Sensei Ty | Rhoda Chesterfield | Creepy Connie Thompson | Darla Shannon | Madeline | Bryn Beitbart | McD | Brooke | Victor Krane | Douglas Davenport | Marcus Davenport | Giselle Vickers | Taylor Krane | Sebastian Krane | Principal Perry | Ludmila Ferró | Jade & Matias LaFontaine | Gregorio Casal | Gery López | Priscila Ferró | Clément Galán | Esmeralda Di Pietro | Milton Vinicius | Crash Bernstein | Helga Rooney | Missy Bradford | Dawn Buckets | Laughy Cat | Brad & Brads | Agent Johnson | Brett Willis | Zane Willis | Mitch Bishop | Janet Smythe | Sebastian | Cyd Ripley | Gladys | Hazel Swearengen | Dr. Sharon Chen | Ámbar Smith | Sharon Benson | Rey Gutiérrez | Benicio | Red Sharks (Gary López) | Emilia | Ramiro Ponce | Matteo Balsano

King Nicholas

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Phantom Blot | Trudy Van Tubb | Doctor Vulter | Solego the Chaos God | Arpine Lusène | Monsieur Molay | Azure Blue | Lawyer Sharky | Eli Squinch | Sylvester Shyster | Fantomius | Inquinator | Spectrus | Raghor | Zafire | Newton | The Raider | Emil Eagle | Sr. X | X-1, X-2 and X-3 | Professor Nefarious | Fliplip, Sidney and Armadillo | Neighbor Jones | Anacleto Faina | Anacleto Mitragli | Beagle Boys | Ottoperotto

Ansem, Seeker of Darkness | Xemnas

Alien | Lava Monster | Mara | Mad Hatter | Nebula Ghosts | Professor J.T. Wu | S.I.R. | Yeti (Expedition Everest) | Yeti (Matterhorn Bobsleds)

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