In this skirt? I don't think so.
~ Vanessa to Marta when she and police demands she "get on the ground with her hands on her head" for arrest

Vanessa is the main antagonist of the 2004 action comedy film Taxi. She is a Brazilian bank robber who leads a group of female robbers.

She was portrayed by Gisele Bündchen.


In the film, Vanessa and her team of robbers are first seen exiting the airport when their henchmen accidentally drop their luggage, causing Vanessa to chastise them for dropping their luggage and warns them a second time not to drop them again for such luggage is containing money and possibly loaded weapons. After loading their luggage and stolen loot into their car, they prepare to drive off but the policemen drive close by so Vanessa flirts with the men by blowing a kiss at them to avoid suspicion and drive away, much to the policemen's amazement.

The police learn which bank is going to be hit next and they lie and wait for the robbers, who take a hostage. Vanessa first risks the life of an innocent teenage boy by holding him hostage, warning the police that if any of them were to follow her, she would shoot and kill the boy. Lieutenant Marta Robbins sacrifices herself by offering a hostage swap to save the boy's life. Vanessa is reluctant but after checking to see if Marta has weapons on her and she doesn't, Vanessa takes Marta hostage and again warns the police not to track them down, should their pursuit of the robbers will cost them Marta's life.

The gang escape with Lieutenant Marta as hostage, followed by Belle and Washburn in her cab. Using the cash from the garbage truck, they pinpoint the operation HQ and negotiate a trade. In the ensuing chase, they continually try to trade the hostage for the money while driving down the highway. Washburn forces the robbers down a long bridge he know is under construction. As Marta is retrieved safely by Washburn and Belle, Vanessa and her gang retrieve the money as promised, only to accidentally drive onto the deconstructed bridge with nowhere left to drive, no way to get down safely and no escape. With the robbers trapped on a long section of the bridge, Belle and Washburn laugh victoriously and Vanessa is incensed at her defeat. Enraged, she takes out her gun and shoots at the heroes continually, yelling and wishing for them to die. She manages to wound Belle with a gunshot to the stomach, prompting Washburn and Marta to take Belle to the hospital. Vanessa and her posse were arrested off-screen.


Gimme the cash! No more games!
~ Vanessa demanding her stolen loot while holding Marta hostage.
No! We'll switch at the same time!
~ Vanessa to Belle when she asks that they have the hostage first then give the robbers the money.
~ Vanessa's last words as she shoots at the heroes and wounds Belle while trapped on the bridge with her gang.


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