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Vanessa Brooks is a supporting antagonist in the 1998 vampire movie Blade. She was the mother of Eric Brooks/Blade who was turned into a vampire under Deacon Frost's powers.

She was portrayed by Sanaa Lathan.


In the year 1967, Vanessa was viciously bitten and attacked by Deacon Frost, while pregnant and gave birth to Blade, the main hero, and vampire hunter. Even though the doctors were able to rescue Blade, she died of an infection.

Although she survived and later before Officer Kriegler makes his arrival or at the same time he does, she comes out of her coffin and talks and hangs out with Deacon Frost while he's setting his plan in motion. Then he takes his leave of her temporarily when he hears that Officer Kriegler comes. Later she comes out of her coffin again and talks to and sees Blade, who thought she was deceased as well.

She reveals to him that Deacon Frost took pity on her and she became lovers with Deacon Frost. Then Blade is attacked by other lackeys of Deacon Frost and Deacon Frost says and taunts him about the way he's acting in front of his mom and then tells him it's over she belongs to him now. He also reveals that he's the vampire, who turned her. Then a little later, she says to Blade, while he's being placed in the object to drain his blood for Deacon Frost's plan to take over the world, that his mom is gone and has been for a long time and that vampires are her people now that she's enjoyed hunting and turning humans and even killing. Later, she fights Blade and loses.

She says to him she's his mom and he would not harm his mother and then tells him to come here. But Blade stabs and kills her with a bone to release her from her curse. Blade would later kill Deacon as revenge for turning his mother into a vampire.


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