Perfection, I'm afraid, has a cost, and the cost is Vengstone. It comes from the mines. (Skull of Hazza D'ur: From the mountain! From the earth!) People of Shintaro may not realize it, but their magnificent city, the lives of bliss and joy that they lead, is paid for by Vengestone!
~ Vangelis, explaining his motivations.

King Vangelis, better known as The Skull Sorcerer, is the main antagonist of Season 13: Master of the Mountain of LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, and Cole's arch-nemesis. He was the corrupt ruler of the Ivory City and Kingdom of Shintaro, who led a mining operation, enslaving the Geckles and Munce and forcing them to mine Vengestone.

He's voiced by Deven Mack, who also played the Awakened Warriors, Vangelis' army.


Like most of the Ninjago characters, Vangelis is depicted as a LEGO minifigure. 

In his standard design, he has a pearly white skin (like all of Sky Folk), black hair and wears white robes with golden and blue clothing under them. He also wears a black belt and he has a deltoid-looking mark on his forehead. Usually, he has a pair of golden wings on his back.

When he's the Skull Sorcerer his robes turn black and green with a triquetra symbol on his chest and "DEAD RISE", written in Ninjargon on the sides. A white mask with green eyes materializes on his face and a black oriental hat appears on his head. His wings turn black and more bat-like with spikes. 



Past and rise to power

Not much is known about Vangelis' past. We know that he acquired the Skull of Hazza D'ur when Vania was still a young child. He sent The Upply on a quest to find the artifact, saying that he would destroy it. When the party brought the skull to him and told him that it holds dark magic and must be destroyed, he banished them to the Rock Bottom and took the skull. At some point he found dungeons and tunnels built by a deceased evil sorcerer, named Hazza D'ur, which he later used for his mining operation. Some time after Lilly left the dungeons, he stole the Blades of Deliverance from the Geckles and the Munce, starting the conflict between them and making it easier to enslave them for his vengstone mines. At some point, he found a Vengstone buyer, "who will pay dearly for it" and sold the Vengstone to him to gather funds to keep his kingdom perfect. 

The Ninja arriving in Shintaro

Vangelis' daughter Vania invited the Ninja team to Shintaro to celebrate her birthday. The king greeted them in his kingdom and seemed to be a polite figurehead of the city at first. Cole later met Vangelis, as the Skull Sorcerer, when he ventured into the dungeons with Vania to find a purple creature that woke him up earlier. He saw the Geckles and the Munce mining Vengstone and the Skull Sorcerer flying out of his keep to punish one of the Geckles who accidentally damaged a cart. The ninja revealed himself and tried to stop the sorcerer, but because of the Vengstone around him, he couldn't use his elemental powers, resulting in him being overpowered by the awakened warriors, skeletons re-animated by Vangelis with the power of the skull. The black ninja was locked in a cage and forced to mine along the other inhabitants of the mountain. 

The rescue mission

Before Cole confronted the Skull Sorcerer, he told Vania to to go back to the surface and inform her father about what was going on underground and so she did. Vangelis was angry at her, saying that she endangered herself and her guests. He also said that he will send his soldiers to the dungeons and disallowed the Ninja to enter them. 

Of course, the Ninja went into the dungeons and at first their rescue mission seemed to be a success. However, after they freed Cole and the others, Skull Sorcerer flew out of his keep and brought the skeletons that Ninja had defeated previously defeated back to life. The awakened warriors overpowered the team and forced them to work in the mines. 

When trapped, one of the Geckles tells the Ninja a story of the two Blades of Deliverance, that a hero named "Gilly" gave the Geckles and the Munce when she left the dungeons after defeating an undead dreaded dragon named Grief-Bringer. Ultimately, he says the the Munce stole the blade from the Geckles, and that's what started the conflict, but one of the Munce says that it was the Geckles who stole the blade from them. The team comes to a conclusion that Skull Sorcerer is the one who stole both of the blades to easily take control over both of the species. With that knowledge, The ninja organized a meeting, where they told the Geckles and the Munce to stop fighting, so they can get their blades back and escape the mines. Cole and Lloyd sneaked into the Skull Keep too look for the blades, while the other Ninja worked on freeing the slaves. Inside, they found the Skull of Hazza D'ur on a pedestal instead. The artifact warned Vangelis of the intruders and he entered the room, through the opening in the ceiling. Lloyd kicked the skull, forcing Vangelis to fly to it, allowing the Ninja to escape the keep. Outside, a fight between the ninja the awakened warriors broke out. Skull Sorcerer himself soon joined and started firing lasers from his skull at the heroes. The Ninja managed to escape the mine, but they divided into three groups, Lloyd, Jay and Nya went with the Munce, Kai and Zane with the Geckles and Cole alone. Vangelis chased Cole through a tunnel, but when he reached and open area with many tunnels leading to different places, he realized that he had lost the Earth Ninja and cried out in anger.

The reveal

Cole, after fighting some Dire Bats, got trapped by a giant spider, but luckily Vania and Chompy came to the rescue and freed him. After that they ventured to the surface to inform Vangelis about the sinister plot underground and ask him to send his guards to to stop the villain, unaware that he was the Skull Sorcerer. Along with Wu, they entered the throne room where Vangelis was talking about the latest shipping of Vengstone. The princess told him about the danger, and he was once again angry at her for disobeying him. When Cole started to talk about the Skull of Hazza'dur Vangelis asked him if he was certain about it, and when he said yes, he opened a compartment in his throne. The skull flew out of it and he transformed into the Skull Sorcerer, revealing his identity. The heroes were shocked, and when Wu asked him why was he doing all of this, Vangelis told them about his motivation of keeping Shintaro perfect with the money he would get from selling Vengstone. Vania couldn't believe that her father was the villain. Skull Sorcerer attacked Wu and Cole with his skull and smacked Chompy with his wing, he then pushed a button that activated a trapdoor, which sent Cole and Wu to the Rock Bottom. Vania grabbed a pair of wings to fly to the hole and save her friends, and her father protested, saying that if she helps them, she won't be his daughter anymore. The princess decided to help the master and the Ninja, and Vangelis exclaimed that she made her choice. The kind realized that the peoply of Shintaro will ask what happened to the princess, and came up with a plan to blame Chompy for throwing her into the pit. He called his guards and told them to lock him up. 

Resurecting the Grief-Bringer and attack on the residents of Shintaro mountain 

When the skull informed Vangelis that the Ninja were alive, and they organized a truce meeting between Geckles and the Munce, he decided it was time to ressurect Grief-Bringer, the dragon that Lilly fought in the past. 


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