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Villain Overview

Avdol... has been reduced to nothingness. Beyond my jaw lies a endless void. A dark dimension that harbors things even I do not fully comprehend. Your ally is dead, but fret not as you will soon join him. You're arrogant enough to believe you can beat Lord DIO, therefore you must be punished. One by one, each of you shall fall in line, as I scatter your atomic fragments across the deepest recesses of the void.
~ Vanilla Ice to Jean-Pierre Polnareff after killing Muhammad Avdol.

Vanilla Ice (also known as Cool Ice in the English translation and dub of the anime) is a major antagonist in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders. Vanilla Ice wields the Stand known as Cream.

In Japanese, he was voiced by Yūji Kishi in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage Of The Future, the late Takeshi Aono in the OVA, Hiroyuki Yoshino in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle, and Shô Hayami in both the anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven. In English, he was voiced by Jalen K. Cassell in the anime.


JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders

Nothing is known about Vanilla Ice's past, who appears as one of Dio Brando's right hands, alongside Terence T. D'Arby and Kenny G.. Unlike minions of DIO, Vanilla Ice is shown to be fanatically loyal to his master. He first appears informing DIO about Terence's defeat, so Dio invites him to his room. In their conversation, DIO says that even though Terence pledged loyalty to him, he was not ready to die for him and because of this was defeated. He then asks Vanilla Ice if he would willingly offer his blood to cure DIO's wounds, to which he responds by drawing a run nearby and decapitating himself. Pleased, DIO uses his own blood to restore Vanilla Ice, reviving him as a vampire and entrusting him to defeat the heroes.

As Avdol, Polnareff, and Iggy invade the mansion, they make through the apparent maze inside and track down a stand user nearby. Iggy is able to smell and attack Kenny G., who had been hiding in a wall, after which the maze is revealed to be an illusion created by him. Despite his quick defeat, Kenny G's illusion distracts the trio long enough for Vanilla Ice to approach them, which Avdol only notices after reading a carving in the wall. With little time to react, Avdol shoves the others away before being obliterated by Cream. Polnareff and Iggy attempt to escape, running around the mansion while Vanilla Ice gives chase. Instead of fleeing the mansion, however, they climb the stairs to the above room, but Ice simply takes a shortcut using his power and cuts off Polnareff's foot so that he would not be able to run.

Polnareff uses his stand to break the objects in the room, which gives him and Iggy an opportunity to hide. DIO then appears and chastises Vanilla Ice for making so much noise, proceeding to attack him. However, this DIO was actually a fake created by Iggy's The Fool, which Vanilla Ice notices and destroys. Vanilla Ice then suddenly gets livid at Iggy merely for having defiled the image of his master, so he pummels the dog and proceeds to brutally kick him to vent his fury. Polnareff attempts to help Iggy, but Ice once again turns into the void, so he uses Iggy's sand, scattering it around the room so he could track down Vanilla Ice's movement. When Ice appears again to look, Polnareff stabs him, piercing his head with his stand's sword, but Vanilla Ice survives the attack due to having become a vampire and breaks Polnareff's arm.

At this point, Vanilla Ice returns to his void form and starts a spiral trajectory, which Polnareff would be unable to escape. Before Polnareff is obliterated, Iggy uses the last of his strength to save him but dies shortly after. When Vanilla Ice returns, Polnareff finally realizes that Vanilla Ice is not a human, so he breaks the wall in order for the sunlight to fill it and taunts Vanilla Ice, who rushes at him only to be disintegrated.


Vanilla Ice appears in the 1993 episodes of the OVA, his sole appearance is in the episode "The Warrior of the Void: Vanilla Ice". He serves the same purpose as in the manga, a servant of DIO who battles Polnareff and kills Avdol and Iggy. In the OVA, Ice slices Iggy in half and kicks the dying dog's corpse into a wall out of anger for the dog daring to defy DIO.

His death in the OVA differs heavily from the manga, as in the OVA, Polnareff repeatedly stabs Vanilla Ice in a rage after seeing him murder Iggy before slicing his head in half.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven

In the story mode of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven, it is revealed that Vanilla Ice is revived by an alternate version of Dio, and is now immune to daylight. He is only seen in Chapter 2: Vento Aureo, where he attempts to kill the heroes with a brainwashed Bruno Bucciarati and take the Saint Corpse part. But the two are quickly defeated by Polnareff and Giorno Giovanna as they retreat via teleportation. Before Ice retreats, Polnareff asked him about his true loyalty, but Ice only replies that he is only loyal to one person.


Vanilla Ice is a very tall, muscular man with wavy collarbone length hair. He wears a pair of metallic heart-shaped earrings, and a light headpiece carrying a heart crossing his forehead.

His outfit consists of a dark leather tailed, open, waistcoat on top of a long-sleeved leotard. Across his right shoulder is a metallic strap connected to a large heart over his right breast and the letters "VI". There is a smaller heart at the base of his abdomen, secured by a band around his waist acting as a belt. Bare-legged, he wears dark, mid-calf height boots. In the manga, he also wears white gloves whereas he doesn't in the anime.

In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle and the OVA, Vanilla Ice's leotard is sleeveless and he has wristbands.


Of all things... even if it was a fake Lord DIO made of sand, how dare you make me strike him?! I'll kick you to death, you bastard! It takes but an instant to be swallowed by my dimension of darkness! That is not enough time for my anger to wane! This is all your fault! You! You're the one who has angered me! This is all your fault! Learn your lesson! How's that?! Learn your lesson! How's that?! How's that?!
~ Vanilla Ice yelling at Iggy while beating him to death, showing his fanatical and psychopathic nature.

Vanilla Ice is defined by his zealous, fanatical, intolerant, unrelenting, pertinacious, single-minded, and indefatigable loyalty to DIO. When DIO relates that he might want blood to heal, Vanilla Ice uses his Stand to sever his own head and fill an urn with his own blood. This is heavily implied to be a test of loyalty, as DIO promptly revives Vanilla Ice as a vampire without drinking the offered blood.

He serves as the most fanatical minion of DIO, When DIO relates that he might want blood to heal, Vanilla Ice uses his Stand to sever his own head and fill an urn with his own blood without any hesitation. This is heavily implied to be a test of loyalty, as DIO promptly revives Vanilla Ice as a Vampire without drinking the offered blood. His fanatical nature causing him to be one of the most violent minions of DIO, as he vaporized Muhammad Avdol (leaving only his arms behind) without any remorse, mercilessly sought Jean-Pierre Polnareff's death, and beat Iggy to death over making a false structure of DIO.

Although Vanilla Ice is normally a calm, polite, reasoning, phlegmatic, intelligent, dispassionate, and collected individual, he flies into a tremendous fury when DIO is disrespected in any way, shape, or form. When Iggy creates a sand construct of DIO in an attempt to take Vanilla Ice off-guard, the latter immediately abandoned his Stand in favor of beating Iggy to death with his bare hands and feet, stating that Iggy deserved a more drawn-out death than the simple annihilation brought by Cream's void form.

It is also implied that Vanilla Ice is somewhat oblivious, inattentive, and absentminded, being prone to using his Stand's void form to punch through walls instead of using the door.

Powers and Abilities


He who reads this carving and turns aback shall perish.
~ The carved warning about Cream.

Vanilla Ice's Stand, Cream, swallows its user and itself, in turn, morphing into an invisible sphere of void which obliterates anything on its path. Despite being invincible while in this void form, Vanilla Ice is unable to see, having to return and look to aim his attacks.


  • Vanilla Ice's name is based on the rapper of the same name. His Stand is named after the British band of the same name.
    • This may be intentional, with the name of him and his stand together being "Vanilla Ice Cream".
  • Vanilla Ice is the only antagonist in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders besides his master to kill one of the main protagonists.
    • Furthermore, Vanilla Ice is the only minor antagonist to kill more main protagonists than the main antagonist himself, killing two compared to DIO's one.


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