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Villain Overview

Yes, I hear you. I know... No. There’s no miscommunication... I understand... Yes, I have it. I made it myself. I think you would like it... No, no one suspects anything... Don’t worry, I’ll be ready, and I won’t let you down. It will be fun.
~ Vanny to the Glitchtrap plushie in Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted.
Are you having fun yet?
~ Vanny taunting Gregory in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach.
I was supposed to be a good girl...
~ Vanessa during her therapy session, pondering her traumatic childhood.

Vanessa, also known by her alter-ego Vanny or the Reluctant Follower, is a major antagonist in the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise, serving as the secondary antagonist of the Steel Wool era.

She appears as the main protagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted, one of the two unseen overarching antagonists (alongside Glitchtrap) of Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery, and the main antagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach. She is also a major antagonist in the non-canon spin-off Security Breach: Fury's Rage.

She is a security guard at Freddy Fazbear's Mega PizzaPlex who harbors a malicious split personality created by Glitchtrap, a virus connected to the serial killer William Afton. She sets about capturing and killing kids in the PizzaPlex under Afton's command, and later focuses all her efforts on stopping Gregory and Glamrock Freddy from disrupting her plans.

As Vanny, she is voiced by Jessica Tang in Help Wanted and Marta Svetek in Security Breach. She voices Roxanne Wolf and the game's heroic protagonist, Gregory. As Vanessa, she is voiced by Heather Masters, who also provides the voice of Circus Baby and Glamrock Chica.



Vanessa had a traumatic past, as her father forced her to lie during her parents' divorce, which ended in him gaining custody of her, with implications Vanessa's mother committed suicide. When she grew up, she became an employee at Fazbear Entertainment. During development of The Freddy Fazbear Virtual Experience (the in-universe title of Help Wanted), she was a beta playtester. She was possessed by Glitchtrap during testing and took on the split personality of Vanny. She would then begin capturing kids for Afton. During this time, she has therapy sessions, with her therapists slowly being killed off one by one. There is also an unknown, second patient, codenamed "46", who seems to be in cahoots with Glitchtrap/the Vanny alter-ego and helps them manipulate Vanessa.

Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach

Vanny appears in Fazbear Entertainment's newly built pizzeria; Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex. The three of the main animatronics are brainwashed into becoming hostile towards Gregory by either Vanny or Patient 46, who reveals he was being hunted down by the former shortly before the game's events, hence her focus on capturing him. However, Glamrock Freddy was not affected by Vanny's corruption (as he was in Safe Mode when the hacking happened) and acts as a guide to help Gregory escape.

Endings (Security Breach)

Savior Ending

At 6:00 AM, the Mega Pizzaplex opens for the day and Gregory is able to leave. However, he decides to head back in with Glamrock Freddy to confront Vanny in order to end their battle once and for all. They approach her lair, but Vanny uses a remote device in a nearby control room, ordering several automated staff robots to disassemble Freddy, which is done successfully and swiftly. Gregory takes the chance of the staff bots being distracted to go to the control room.

Vanny is not present, but there is an arcade machine named Princess Quest 3. After he completes the game, William Afton's control over the entire Pizzaplex is neutralized, due to his soul having unclear connections with the Princess Quest games. The vicious S.T.A.F.F. Bots are shut down before irreparable damage is dealt to Glamrock Freddy, but only his head remains functional. Most importantly, Vanny is immediately freed from his control, and her bunny mask is seen lying on the floor.

Gregory, carrying Freddy's head in a bag, meets up with Vanessa waiting for him at the exit, no longer possessed. The end credits shot shows all three of them having ice cream together.

Disassembled Ending

The same events as the Savior Ending play out up until Gregory reaches the control room. However, this time, Vanny comes in and approaches Gregory. Panicked, he grabs the same remote Vanny used to destroy Freddy, and issues a new command: To disassemble Vanny. The staff bots immediately turn away from their previous victim, and rapidly head up to the control room. Vanny has only a few seconds to be terrified before the bots brutally rip her into pieces (albeit off-screen). Gregory leaves the gruesome scene behind to meet with the heavily-damaged Freddy, who gives him one last word of encouragement before shutting down for good.

Unmasked Ending

In one of the two-star endings, Gregory and Glamrock Freddy decide to stay after the Pizzaplex closes and destroy it once and for all by setting the whole place on fire. However, when Gregory opens the emergency exit door, he is confronted by Vanny on the rooftop. Before she can harm him, Freddy moves in. Previously, Vanny was unable to be seen by him, most likely due to Glitchtrap's powers. However, Freddy has been upgraded with Roxanne Wolf's removed eyes at this point, which allows him to see her.

He sacrifices himself by tackling Vanny off the rooftop, going down with her. Gregory rushes down a fire escape with the hope that Freddy survived the fall. Gregory realizes that he's far too late after just one look at Freddy's sparking body. He notices Vanny's corpse lying on the ground and decides to unmask her out of curiosity. To his shock, however, he sees Vanessa's face underneath and is overwhelmed with confusion. Though it is not shown, Gregory assumedly runs away from the Pizzaplex after this.

During the post-credit scene, Vanessa stands on the burning rooftop, still very much alive. She looks down in a combination of horror and sadness, and the cutscene ends. Although it's not confirmed just what this scene means, it's thought that it is either proof that Vanny and Vanessa are not one and the same, or that this is a symbolic representation of Vanessa's spirit remaining in the PizzaPlex, now that her Vanny personality is dead.

Burntrap Ending

Though she is not physically seen, Vanny is important in this ending. In it, Gregory and Freddy stay in the Pizzaplex after the doors open, and make their way below the foundations. They find an abandoned previous location that the Pizzaplex was built over - which was the setting of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, the sixth game in the series -, and end up in its basement. Once there, a recharge station opens to reveal Burntrap - William Afton's semi-repaired corpse. The basement has a hideout inside of it, featuring a mattress, miscellaneous decorations, and Vanny's name written on the wall. She is implied to have been the one who rebuilt Burntrap. After a short battle with Gregory, the abandoned restaurant ignites in a blazing inferno. Gregory and Glamrock Freddy run away and escape the Pizzaplex, and Burntrap attempts to do the same, but his rotten and crippled body is far slower. This gives the Blob, a half-sentient amalgamation of various animatronics, a chance to break through the collapsing ceiling and drag Burntrap up into it. Vanny's fate remains unknown.

Bad Ending

After the Pizzaplex's doors open at 6:00 AM, Gregory decides to immediately make a run for it and leave the place behind. He runs into a nearby alley, hiding and sleeping in a cardboard box. He uses a newspaper as his blanket, which says that multiple children are continuing to disappear from the Pizzaplex. In this close-up shot, Vanny's shadow covers the floor, her silhouette holding a knife, heavily implying that she finally achieved her goal of killing Gregory.


Security Breach: Fury's Rage

Vanny serves as the final boss in this short beat-em-up spin-off, being fought at the end of the fourth level, a factory. She is the only enemy in the game with a ranged attack, throwing knives from a distance. In Hard Mode, however, she is no longer the final boss, as it adds one more boss fought right after her.


Vanessa appears to have a white complexion with freckles on her face. She has long blonde hair tied in a ponytail, apple green irises, olive pupils, and glossy peach lips. She appears to be wearing a beige-colored security guard uniform, with darker accented shoulder pads. She also has a dark gray cap and pants.

As Vanny wears a large rabbit suit. The suit is mostly white, but it has patches and stitches all over made of differently colored and patterned fabrics. The suit also has large red eyes that glow in the dark along with a light blue ribbon tied around the neck as an accessory.


As Vanessa, she shows herself as bossy and has a somewhat rude attitude while at work, treating Glamrock Freddy like a subordinate and even intimidating Gregory to convince him to stop hiding. However, she appears shyer and more reserved in her personal life, barely talking during her therapy sessions (which are seen only as VHS audio recordings in Security Breach) and never answering Luis' proposal of getting coffee together despite claiming to find him nice.

As Vanny, she's psychotic and murderous, skipping around and attempting to kill Gregory while constantly repeating "Are you having fun yet?". She has an almost-playful sadistic personality, as evidenced by the quote.

In her interactions with William Afton, she acts submissively and always promises to follow his orders. It's also strongly implied that she is actually scared of him and is not embracing his commands fully willingly. After Gregory frees her from his control in the Savior Ending, she shows immense gratitude to him.


Glitchtrap: Stay the course.
Vanny: I will.
Glitchtrap: Focus on my voice.
Vanny: I will.
Glitchtrap: Don't let anyone lead you astray.
Vanny: I won't.
Glitchtrap: Have you selected one?
Vanny: I have.
~ A conversation between Glitchtrap and Vanny in the source code for
Gregory, your friends are worried about you. They're here with me. Please, come out. Gregory, I may have lost my temper earlier, but it was just a glitch. It won't happen again. It's been such a difficult day for all of us. Why don't you come out, and we can play a game together. It won't happen again. It was just a glitch.
~ Vanny in the teaser trailer for Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach.


  • Opening the teaser of Glamrock Freddy with the Reluctant Follower in the background with notepad reveals that the image is called "Shadow of Vanny". This means Vanny is the follower's name.
    • Vanny is also considered to be a nickname for Vanessa. Coincidental or not, there is also an email in Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery that was supposed to be sent to a person called Ness, which is also part of the name Vanessa.
  • Since Glitchtrap is trapped in the VR game and can't do anything, it is possible that Vanny will be the main antagonist of the next games.
  • It is possible that Vanny isn't the only follower, Jeremy had a "Halloween mask" next to him as one of the tapes say, and Tape Girl tells us to do something that will save Glitchtrap, and not kill him. It was later revealed with the line that Jeremy also had 'ink' covering his body. It is a high chance that the 'mask' was actually Jeremy's face which he had sliced off with a paper guillotine.
  • It is a popular meme in the fandom that Vanny has a crush on William. This went so far to become an actual theory.
  • Her username, Nessie97, may hint that she was born in 1997, which would be four years after William Afton got springlocked in the Spring Bonnie suit.
    • Given that Five Nights at Freddy's 3 (and presumably Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator) take place in 2023, and that Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted takes place several years after the events of those two games, it's likely that Vanny is in her 30's.
      • However, leaked emails from Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery state her age as being 23 years old. This would mean that she was likely born somewhere in the 2000's (early 2010's at the maximum) as Help Wanted takes place several years after Pizzeria Simulator. If that's the case, the "97" in her username might refer to the month and day of her birth, but that's not confirmed.
  • Vanny is the first living human antagonist that appears outside of minigames.
    • She is also the first human antagonist shown in full form rather than 8-bit, not counting William's corpse Springtrap.
    • She is also the second main antagonist that is still a living human by the time of the game, with the first being the Brother.
    • However, counting William's book counterpart, she's the second and third antagonist respectively.
  • Considering it being abbreviated as the letter A, it's possible that Vanessa's surname is "Afton", and therefore she is somehow related to the Afton Family, and due to her young age and the general structure of the timeline, it's possible she could be Afton's (grand)niece or granddaughter.
    • However, the granddaughter option isn't very likely, given that the only of Afton's children who lived to adulthood are Michael Afton and the Brother. And while the Brother could be a likely option, it's highly likely that he's Michael, who's a purple zombie with no organs or skeleton to speak of by the time Vanessa is born.
    • Some fans started speculating that her father, who she refers to as Bill, is actually none other than William Afton himself, as Bill is a shorthand for William. However, this creates a plothole, as Vanessa was born at the very earliest in the early 2000's, at a time where William had presumably already died inside Spring Bonnie and turned into Springtrap.
    • However in the 16th CD, it is revealed that "Patient 46" lied about their past. While it's not confirmed if they are the same person as Vanessa or not, and it seems to be unlikely, if this is the case, then the story she told could either be what happened between William and his wife, or symbolic of Glitchtrap's control over Vanny.
  • Vanny is the fourth human character in the franchise to have merchandise based on her, the other three being the 8-bit McFarlane toys of William Afton, the Brother, and the Crying Child/Bite Victim.
    • She's the only one of the four that isn't 8-bit.
  • As mentioned by her therapist, Vanny has anxiety.
  • Fans have first speculated and was convinced that Vanny is actually Vanessa. However, in one of the endings of Security Breach, it was revealed that in the good ending that this is true, should Gregory beat the Princess Quest mini-game and free her from Glitchtrap's control. She will leave the Vanny costume and take him with her to get ice cream. That said, the Unmasked Ending contradicts this, but overall everything else seems to be point to them really being the same.

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