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Ryoken Kogami also known in link Vrains as Varis is one of the main antagonists of the first season of Yu-Gi-Oh! Vrains alongside his father, he is the Leader of the infamous hacker group The Knights of Hanoi.

He was voiced by Shunsuke Takeuchi and Minami Takahashi as a young in the Japanese version and by Daniel J. Edwards in the English dubbed version.


Past and Season 1

Ryoken had a pretty peaceful childhood growing up he would often spend time with his father and future Hanoi members Aso and Clarissa. Later Ryoken observed his father's work on the Hanoi project and helped a young Yusaku Fujiki, whom the latter had met prior, to continue fighting and to not give up. However the pain that it was causing the children involved became to painful for Ryoken to bear so he reported the inhumane project to the authorities, causing his father to be arrested in the process. As Ryoken waited 3 years for his father to return his father became infected with a virus and fell into a coma. However in that time Ryoken had finished his father's work and created the Ignis: Ais with free will, and eventually recreating his father's mind in Link Vrains. Soon Ryoken's father Told him of what the Ignis were capable of and that they would destroy the world instead of his original thought that they would help humanity. This caused Ryoken to form the Knights of Hanoi and adopt the persona of Varis. Varis, leading 3 "Cracking Dragons" attacked the Cyberse in an attempt to destroy the Ignis. However one Ignis known as AI fled from Varis and sealed the Cyberse off from Varis as he gave chase but failed to capture the rogue Ignis. Varis desperate to find the rogue Ignis sent his knights to hunt it down only for it to be secured by a duelist known as "Playmaker" (Yusaku Fujiki) who had previously defeated several of his knights before. Varis as well as Specter watched as Playmaker defeated another one of the Hanoi. Later Varis is seen by Yusaku when he almost found AI's location only for his connection to be severed at the last minute. Later Varis corrupts Blue Angel (Skye Zaizen) and makes her duel Playmaker in which Playmaker defeats her and due to the virus on the card given to her by Varis, falls into a coma causing Playmaker to be approached by Skye's brother Akira who believes Playmaker is responsible for her condition only for Varis to arrive and claim responsibility before challenging Playmaker to a duel which ends in a draw. However Varis immediately begins another duel and quickly gains the upper hand though Playmaker makes his comeback and wins the duel. This makes him fixate on revenge against Playmaker who with his allies defeats his 3 main servants and after losing his allies, the 2 leaders of the hanoi.

Season 2

His actions in Link Vrains made New Link Vrains forced to replace it's old version. He eventually learned of someone called "New Playmaker" and rescued Baira rebuilding the knights.

Season 3

Varis help Playmaker on defeating Ai. He dueled Soulburner but lost. He gave Playmaker his "Borreload Furious Dragon" in order his duel against Ai.


Varis is one of the most successful antagonists in the franchise, other than destroying the entire worldwide network with the Tower of Hanoi, all of his goals were accomplished directly or indirectly, namely the destruction of all the Ignis.


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