Varvara is a supporting character and later Villain in the Hellboy series. She was used by a demon called Yomyael.


Varvara is the illegemente daughter of Grigori Rasputin and Zova, who was presented as illegitimate to Rasputin as a way to spite him. She travled with her mother and step father later Rasputin killed Yuri and left Zora and Varvara to die with Zora dead and Varvara possesed by a demon called Yomyal.

Being possessed Yomyal later allied himself with the Russian military and became the head of the Russian miltary serivce, but was trapped by Iosif Nichayko.

Varvara later returns in BPRD hell on earth where the Ogdru Jahad is causing the apolayplse with Varvara was wondering who would entertain her now that she is all alone and later in BPRD: The Devil you know becomes the leader of what's left of the demons and later teaming up with the remaining Nazis and comes into conflict with the BPRD and Hellboy Varavara was Exocisted from Yomyal and later Varavara used herself as a conduit to reivive Rasputin before dying.

powers and abilites

Being possesed by a demon for years Varvara is knowledgable in the Mystic arcs.

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