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Vasquez, sometimes referred to as Vazquez, is a Commando Elite officer was once a Barbie/Gwendy Doll, now changed into a Marine Mercenary for the Commando Elite.


She is the only additional small soldier not shown in the film Small Soldiers, but secretly shown activitated on the PC game called Small Soldiers Squad Commander, by using a cheat code named "Vasquez". She has a vigilant personality and a terrifying temper. She is excellent in sniping, demolition, sight, communications, and usually works alone. It is possible she suvived the EMP blast, which wiped out a Commando Elite Army on the film Small Soldiers, but her whereabouts, more or less, unknown. What makes her so grand is she can be your worst opponent, or your greatest turning point for the story. She can be activated for both the Commando Elite Campaign and do good for destruction, or she can be activated on the Gorgonite Campaign and be the most valuable hero for the Gorgonites. Whatever mission is available, she will finish the job viciously, as long as someone pays her a fruitful bounty.


Chip and the rest of the Commandos sneaked into a bedroom, where they found the Gwendy/Barbie Dolls. After taking a decapitated Nick Nitro head off the rest of Nick's body, they used Nick's chip to become the brainworks for the female Commando Elite recruits. Thus, begins the terror of Vasquez.


While playing on a mission, in Small Soldiers: Squad Commander , all you need is to hold [Shift] + [Ctrl] + X+ S. Release S and finally release the other keys to enable cheat mode, it must show a red light blinking on the lower left corner of the mission. Enter the following code and press Enter to activate the soldier: Vasquez


  • Vasques bears a resemblance to Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider series.
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