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Vaughan Kendells is a minor character in Dragon Age Origins, and the main antagonist of the City Elf Origin. He is the sadistic, elf-hating son of Urien Kendells, the Arl of Denerim.

He was voiced by Nicholas Boulton.


As a child, Vaughan was often ignored by his father, who simply gave him whatever he wanted to keep him busy. This made him grow up into a spoiled, self-entitled man, which he would reflect on his servants, particularly the women. He would often beat and rape them for the smallest errors or mistakes.

He especially hated the elves, seeing them as little more than vermin. Every morning, he would go with his like-minded friends to the Alienage, a place where the elves lived in seclusion from the rest of the city, and harass the elves to no end. Sometimes he would even take some elven women back to rape and torture them.

His atrocities were so well-known, other members of his family often tried to protect the elven servants, but often with little success.

If one is playing the City Elf Origin, he first appears harassing the elven women, including the Warden's cousin, Shianni. Eventually she responded by knocking him out with a glass bottle, an act she would later regret.

During the Warden's arranged wedding, Vaughan returns to the alienage with soldiers to take the brides and bridesmaids back to his castle to have "fun". If the Warden is female, she will be among the kidnapped. If male, then he and his cousin, Soris, will storm the castle to free the women.

Regardless of the Warden's gender, upon encountering the Noble, he will be seen standing over Shianni, in the process of raping her. He attempts to bribe the Warden and Soris to leave Denerim.

If the Warden rejects Vaughan, they and Soris will kill him and his friends. Upon returning to the Alienage, however, the Guard Captain will appear to arrest whoever was responsible for the murder of the Arl's son. Upon being identified, the guards will attempt to take the Warden, and possibly Soris, away, but Duncan, a Grey Warden, will invoke the Rite of Conscription, saving the Warden. If Soris was also revealed, he will be taken regardless.

If the Warden accepts Vaughan's offer, then Shianni and the other women will remain, and upon returning to the Alienage, Vaughan will go back on his word and the guards will come in to arrest the Warden and Soris for robbery. The fates of the Warden and Soris are the same as above.

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