Vectron in an antagonist in the SteamWorld series. He first appeared as the main antagonist and final boss in SteamWorld: Heist.


SteamWorld Heist

Vectron first appeared in SteamWorld Heist, where it gave Chop Sue the ability to resurrect robots to make them Zombot Scrappers, and was later captured by the Red Queen. After Captain Piper Faraday defeated the Red Queen and went to her vault, she released Vectron. Vectron later reassembled the Voltbot army, a hive mind of robots.

After this, Piper and her crew  had to fight their way through the evil hivemind to get to Vectron himself.

After a grueling fight, Vectron was later defeated by Piper and her crew, and was never seen again.

Powers and Abilities

Vectron has the ability to fly in mid-air as well as minor shapeshifting. They have a hivemind communication with the other Vectron Voltbots witch can be amplified by towers as seen in his final fight. Vectron can also combine with other machines, one of which being a rail gun inside a spaceship.


  • Some fans believe that Vectron could be the same entity as Voltbot from SteamWorld Dig: A Fist Full of Dirt, as they are both Vectron Robots and Final Bosses.


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