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You'll never be anything more than a common frump!
~ Veda to her mother

Veda Pierce Forrester is the main antagonist of the 1941 novel Mildred Pierce, as well as its 1945 film adaptation and 2011 TV miniseries adaptation. She is the greedy, selfish daughter of the book's title character.

In the film, she was portrayed by Ann Blyth. In the miniseries, she was portrayed by Evan Rachel Wood, who also portrayed Dolores Abernathy in Westworld.


Veda treats her mother like dirt, looking down on her for working for a living (which is actually Mildred working to afford Veda's expensive lifestyle). Veda turns into a murderer near the end of the movie when she shoots her step-father because he refuses to marry Veda. She then tries to convince her mother to take the blame for the murder, which her mother tries to do out of guilt.

Veda Pierce Forrester is the daughter of the protagonist Mildred Pierce, who is a single mother raising both Veda and her younger sister Kay. Veda wishes to be rich a high class, despite the fact that Mildred is having difficulty providing for her daughters. Because Veda has expensive tastes, Mildred is forced to get a job as a waitress to support her daughter. 

Despite Mildred working hard and generously providing for her daughter, Veda despises her mother. Veda believes that a waitress is a lowly and embarrassing line of work. Despite Veda's cruel behavior, Mildred still loves her daughter, and tries her best to please her.

Veda's younger sister, Kay, dies of pneumonia, and Mildred decides to try and move up in the world. Mildred starts her own restaurant called "Mildred's" and her restaurant is a huge success. Veda, of course, is still not satisfied, and still thinks of her mother as poor trash. Despite this, Mildred tries to buy Veda's affection by giving her anything she wants. But Veda never appreciates it. Veda later marries a man her age, Ted Forrester, who is a man with a bright career but soon gets a divorce as his mother knows who she truly is. Before she does, however, she tells him she's pregnant in order to get $10,000 from him. She later reveals to her mother she was lying about the pregnancy.

Mildred marries playboy Monty Beragon, who spends her money and begins sleeping with Veda. Veda ends up working with Beragon and wants him to divorce her mother and marry her. When Beragon refuses, Veda kills him. As Veda is arrested, Mildred, still loving her daughter, apologizes to her for not making her happy. Veda, naturally, brushes it off.


  • In the book, Veda Pierce never kills Monte Beragon and marries him in the end.