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That's how I became a Super Saiyan. The sleeper has awakened... I AM THE PRINCE OF ALL SAIYANS ONCE AGAIN!
~ Vegeta after being transformed into a Super Saiyan.
~ Vegeta exclaiming Goku's power level and his most famous quote in the Ocean dub of Dragon Ball Z.
Nobody kills Kakarot while I'm around! Destiny has reserved that pleasure to me!
~ Vegeta to Android 19 after kicked him from Goku.

Vegeta IV, more commonly spelled as Vegeta, is one of the main antagonists of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Z Kai, later becoming the deuteragonist and anti-hero of the Dragon Ball franchise and Dragon Ball Z Kai series. Vegeta made his first appearance in Dragon Ball Z as the main antagonist of the Saiyan Saga. He is Bulma's husband, the father of Trunks and Bulla, and Goku's best friend and former arch-nemesis.

He is the prince and one of the last surviving members of a race known as the Saiyans, who were destroyed when Frieza blew up their planet. He is an eternal rival of Son Goku. He joins Goku in his fight against Frieza, but is killed. Vegeta was then brought back to life by the Dragon Balls, and, from then on, is a reluctant member of Goku's team. He switches sides often throughout the series, whether it be mind control or him being power mad. In the end, his goal always remains the same, to defeat Goku in battle. Eventually, however, he realizes that he cannot keep up with Goku.


Ryo Horikawa
Brian Drummond (Vancover, Ocean Group)
Christopher R. Sabat (FUNimation)


Vegata is shown to be a cold and a ruthless person due to the fact he grow bitter over the fact Frieza destroyed all of his people and the entire planet. Due to being named as a prince and his Saiyan heritage, he believes himself to be superior to everyone and also thinks the Saiyans are the strongest race in the entire universe. As a child he has no problem killing his opponent but only stopped due to over time. He even stated that he is becoming a ruthless killer and warrior due to Freiza's influence on him which implies he could have become different in the end.

As the series went on he starts to lose his cruelty and becomes more merciful over time as he becomes more relaxed and starts to love his wife and children. While he did go back to his former ways after becoming Majin Vegeta it was a failed attempt given the fact he believes it would make him stronger in the end. As one of the elites of the Saiyan race stated, Vegeta was obsessed with becoming a Super Saiyan, something he believes is legendary amongst his people. He was also obsessed with trying to surpass his rival, Goku, and in the movie, Fusion Reborn, he actually wept at his inability to do so.

However, as Goku was fighting against Kid Buu, Vegeta finally admitted that his rival was superior and his rivalry with him has become friendlier as well. While he maybe rather aggressive and easily enraged, he can also be rather intelligent and serious, though he possesses a dry, even dark sense of humor, often mocking his enemies aa lot in battles. Despite his arrogance and feelings of being superior, he has at times shown fear againts powerful opponents but he has always still continued to fight them despite the circumstances.

In Video-Games

Attack of the Saiyans

Vegeta as well as Nappa where the main antagonists with Vegeta being the final boss. Like with the series, he faces off against Goku and his friends before barely being defeated.


I am Vegeta! Prince of all Saiyans!
~ Vegeta.
Saiyans have their power levels examined right after they are born. The scum that have lower ratings, such as yourself, are sent off to planets that do not have terribly formidable opponents. In other words... You were a left-behind!
~ Vegeta before fighting Goku.
No! That's a wasted wish! Raditz was a weakling & also an imbecile, any Saiyans who'd could be defeated so easily, deserves no mercy!
~ Vegeta to Nappa about Raditz's fate.
Nobody destroys Kakarot while I’m around. Destiny has reserved that luxury for me!
~ Vegeta
My foolish pride? TO A SAIYAN, PRIDE IS ALL!
~ Majin Vegeta
Insolent worm!
~ Vegeta
Being a hero is highly overrated.
~ Vegeta's view on heroism when he was a villain.
There's nothing like a little firework when you say goodbye.
~ Vegeta enjoys destroying a whole planet.
I think we made the universe a cleaner place today.
~ Vegeta destroying a planet full of innocent lives.
WHAT CLOWN? ARE YOU FEELING ANGRY, HUMILIATED, IS THAT IT? FOOL! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT HUMILIATION IS! Don't worry I will teach you it's bitter taste, just as you have taught me. Me, a warrior elite, in my fingertips, I hold the power the destroy entire worlds. I am a Saiyan, of royal blood, the last of my kind. And on my shoulders, rest the glory of an extinct warrior race. Whole civilizations trembled at the sound of my name. But you didn't, did you Kakarot? And at your hands, your common hands, my honor, and my pride, the foundations at which I always stood, began to crumble at my feet. It was at your hands that I suffered my first great humiliation, toppled by a piece of low level trash. Imagine my added shame when it was you, and not me who avenged our people by defeating Frieza. You who were the first the achieve the pinnacle of our race. The first in a thousand years to take a place among the Super Saiyans of legend. A place that I have been raised to believe that was my royal birthright. And imagine the disgrace I suffered when the strength I have worked my whole life to acquire, was surpassed by a mere child. Your half-breed son succeeded where I, the prince of all Saiyans, have failed. It is time to take back what is mine. I will not live my life as your second. That time is over. Every breath you take is an assault to my honor. But no more Kakarot. By my hands, you will be cut down inch by inch. The way you have cut down my pride!
~ Vegeta's speech to Goku.
What did you do... TO MY BULMAAAAAAA?!
~ Vegeta's furious response to Beerus slapping his wife, Bulma.


  • Vegeta's name is a pun on the word "vegetable".
  • When Vegeta says the iconic one liner of "it's over 9,000", it was actually a translation error that was corrected in Dragon Ball Kai where he instead says "it's over 8,000".
  • Though Vegeta's Scouter is green in the manga, it is pink in the anime.
  • Vegeta's voice actor from the Ocean Group dub, Brian Drummond would later provide the voice for Vegeta's clone in FUNimation's English dub of Dragon Ball Super.
  • Vegeta has appeared twice in DEATH BATTLE! thus far, fighting Shadow in his first fight and Thor in his second. He would win in his first fight, but lose in his second.

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