The Vegetable Gremlin is a mutant gremlin and a villain from Gremlins 2: The New Batch.


A gremlin drinks a vegetable serum and he starts belching a lot and he suddenly grows tomatoes on his skin and his ears become lettuce and his skin becomes leafy and his head and cheeks grow flat peppers.

His lips have carrots on them. He can camouflage with vegetables in a salad bar. The lettuce ears will make them look like he is the salad part and he will grab people and belch at them. He is seen again with a bunch of gremlins where he is resting and some gremlins pick small tomatoes from his skin and they put the tomatoes in their drinks.

Billy released the Electric Gremlin and the Vegetable Gremlin and the rest of the Gremlins all got electrocuted, melt and die.

Powers and Abilities

The Vegetable Gremlin can camouflage in the salad or other kinds of vegetables and he will grab his opponents and belch at them. He can also throw tomatoes.


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