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Vegh is a supporting antagonist in Fast and Furious 6. She is a high-ranking member of Shaw's team. She's portrayed by Clara Paget.


Vegh is a highly-trained criminal who began working with Owen Shaw and eventually joined his team.

During the robbery at Interpol Vegh leads the team and drives one of the two specially designed Flip Cars, while Shaw takes the other. They are pursued by police and the Furious gang. Jah requests for Vegh's help in getting rid of Brian and she wrecks his car, giving him as wink as she passes by.

She later gives Shaw information on Dom and the team.

Shaw orders for Vegh and Klaus to capture Mia O'Connor and bring her back to the plane. When Shaw and Riley arrive, Riley is struck by a car, giving enough distraction for Mia to escape. Vegh and Shaw chase her down until Shaw orders Vegh to give the go for takeoff. Brian gets Mia into a car and the two of them speed off of the plane. A flip-car is seen speeding off the helicopter in pursuit of them and the driver is Vegh. She chases Brian and Mia until he tricks her into running into, flipping his car over hers and leading her into some roadblocks that flip her car over. Her final status is unknown but presumed deceased.



  • Vegh is one of the few female villains to appear in the franchise. Others are Riley Hicks, Kara, Cipher and Gisele and Letty before their redemption. There are also a few others.


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