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The Vehicons are a set of footsoldiers used by the Decepticons in Transfomers: Prime.

Their origins are unknown. While Starscream has called them "drones" they do show what appears to be sentience several times throughout the series. They serve as supporting antagonists in Transformers: Prime.


Great War

The Vehicons participated in the early days of the Great War on Cybertron, serving in almost every Decepticon battle to date.

War on Earth

After Cybertron was rendered uninhabitable, the Vehicons went with the Nemesis Crew to Earth to continue their battle with the Autobots there. They fought in many battles, including the final one aboard the Nemesis. In Thirst, when Cylas became a energon zombie, several Vehicons were infected, and became energon zombies as well, and had to be exteminated by Soundwave's clean up team. 

After the War

When the Autobots stormed the Decepticon warship and captured it, many Vehicons fled in escape pods to parts unknown. However, most were captured by the Autobots. The Autobots gave them the choice of either defecting, or staying true to their cause. Most chose to defect to the Autobots side, and were later seen assisting with Bulkhead in the effort to rebuild Cybertron.

The few that did not defect were imprisoned in the Nemesis brig with Knock Out. They were later freed by Starscream, who informed them of Unicron's rise and recruited them to assist him in retaking the ship so they could fly away from Cybertron to somewhere safe from the chaos-bringer. The Vehicons allied with Starscream were later killed in the resulting mutiny.



  • Several Vehicons who have done things to distinguish themselves have been nicknamed "Steve" by fans.
  • At the end of Transformers Prime, the only Vehicons still alive are these are defected to the Autobots and the three survivings of Starscream's armada.


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