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I am evil! Stop laughing!
~ Veigar

Veigar, also known as the Tiny Master of Evil, is a villainous playable character in the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends, who serves as the main antagonist of "The True and Ghastly Tale of the Beast of Boleham Tower".

A curious yordle sorcerer, Veigar was twisted for decades by the magic of the dark lord Mordekaiser. With dark celestial powers at his fingertips, Veigar now struggles to find the respect he thinks he deserves as Runeterra's most diabolical villain of all time.

The 28th champion to be added to the game, Veigar was released on July 24, 2009, and is most commonly played in the mid lane.

While voiced by Bob Beal in the original release, he is currently voiced by Scott McNeil, who also provides the voices for Sion and Hecarim in the same game.



Like all yordles, Veigar was originally from Bandle City, a magical place of whimsy and wonder. While he was short even for a yordle, Veigar's curiosity was unmatched, and one day he left his home to study great celestial magic on Runeterra. Joining a band of mages, he was taught their habits and ways. But while Veigar did indeed become a very skilled mage, this did not last long, as the dreaded Mordekaiser found the group in one of his conquests, snatched Veigar away, and sent the other mages to die.

Becoming a prisoner at Mordekaiser's fortress, the dark lord required Veigar use his talents in nefarious ways to serve his empire of death. The young yordle was separated from Bandle City, and as a result began to forget himself and even lost his mind. Over time, Veigar became part of Mordekaiser's inner circle, committing atrocities in his name and using his powers for evil, and it soon became all Veigar knew. Even after the warlord's defeat and regaining his freedom, Veigar embraced the evil Mordekaiser forced him to commit, desiring to spread fear and suffering to the land.

However, despite his lofty aspirations, Veigar remains a simple yordle, and though he may have forgotten his old self, he doesn't inspire as much terror as he would like. Despite all of the great celestial power at Veigar's fingertips, most of his evil schemes are either minor inconveniences or even slightly helpful, like defeating monsters and bandits in hopes of appearing threatening. As a result, Veigar hasn't yet became the truly nightmarish figure he aspires to be, but he holds fast in his desire to become the most wicked being to ever exist in Runeterra.

At some point, Veigar defeated the warlord Vixis the Cruel and came into possession of Boleham Tower, a fearsome castle located somewhere in the Argent Mountains. Veigar hoped the tower would allow him to terrorize the villagers of Boleham, but was annoyed when none of them took him seriously as a threat and instead thanked him for getting rid of the previous overlord. Seeing the yordle was angered, the villagers pretended to be scared to humor their new dark lord as he declared it wasn't even worth his time to kill them.

More recently, Veigar has gathered an army of Minions and loyal yordle acolytes to do his bidding, and more importantly, tell his tale of glory and doom. Veigar has come into conflict with other yordles who would challenge his egomaniacal resolve, and shows no mercy to any who would dare joke about his height. From his dark fortress, Veigar plots and schemes, using everything from the Morellonomicon to giant mech suits in his quest to someday take over the world once and for all.


In game, Veigar is a burst type champion, with him mostly using powerful magical attacks. His passive, Phenomenal Evil Power, allows Veigar to gain Phenomenal Evil when he either attacks or kills an enemy champion, with each stack powering his abilities. For his actual attacks, Veigar can blast a bolt of dark magic with Baleful Strike, rain down a piece of dark matter with Dark Matter, knockdown and stun enemies in the caging Event Horizon, and fire a burst of power energy with Primordial Burst.


You fools! You thought you could trick me, Veigar, Master of Evil?! Perhaps you hoped I would grant you the mercy of a swift and painless end! Well, I regret to inform you that your lives are simply not worth my time!
~ Veigar trying to intimidate villagers.

As the great Master of Evil, Veigar believes himself to be the most diabolical being in all of Runeterra, leading to an arrogant and short-tempered demeanor. As an aspiring evil overlord, Veigar is very insecure about his small stature, going as far as to hate even the mention of words like "little" and "short". To counteract this, he often tries to exaggerate his height, accumulating an army of henchmen who would constantly stroke his ego. As a result, his Minions are all constructed to be shorter than himself, and to make others take him seriously he even constructed a giant mech suit just to make himself feel taller.

As a villain, Veigar despises all heroes, but more surprisingly, he is also shown to hate other villains because they don't take him seriously as a threat. If anyone thinks they are more evil than him, he will simply defeat them in battle to prove them wrong. However, while Veigar likes to think of himself as an evil sorcerer, his actions generally reflect the opposite, being only minor annoyances to the locals or occasionally even somewhat helpful, suggesting that Veigar's true nature, from back in the days when he was just a young and curious yordle, is still at least a little good at heart.





  • Veigar's short story confirms that his name is officially pronounced "VEY-guhr", not "vie-GAHR".
  • Because he was present during Mordekaiser's second reign of terror, Veigar is at least 1500 years old.
    • His allegiance to Mordekaiser after his imprisonment suggests that he may be affected by Stockholm syndrome.
  • His appearance is similar to the Black Mage from Final Fantasy.


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