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High concentration of subjects... wonderful.
~ Vel'Koz
Your species intrigues me... You seek knowledge, the most valuable resource of all. As do I. Thank you for your contribution.
~ Vel'Koz absorbing a man's mind.

Vel'Koz, also known as the Eye of the Void, is a villainous playable character in the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends.

A cruel and calculating sentience from the Void, Vel'Koz seeks to study and observe the physical realm in its entirety. Learning more about the strange human species, the Voidborn disrupts the fabric of reality with deadly plasma in hopes his reconnaissance will prove useful to his masters.

The 118th champion to be added to the game, Vel'Koz was released on February 27, 2014. He is most commonly played in the mid-lane or as a support.

He is voiced by Erik Braa, who also voices Draven in the same game.


A universe of knowledge surrounds me, of great power and distant lands, and I shall collect it all. I offer this information, now, and all of the rest to come. Accept. Consume. Learn.
~ Vel'Koz's report to the Watchers


Vel'Koz is one of the Voidborn living in the Void, a realm existing just out of the material plane. A endless, shapeless realm to which no other creature can safely go, the beings that first lived here were The Watchers, gaining their own sentience after eons to watch over the realms while also planning to destroy the material plane. However, as some dared to try and cross the barrier, they were betrayed by Lissandra, trapping them in suspended animation between the realms.

The Watchers then tried a new tactic, taking matter from the material realm to shape and corrupt them into the Voidborn. Vel'Koz is possibly the first of these made, and he and the other Voidborn served as their scouts to the mortal plane. Known to many who have found him, Shurima gave the beast the name Vel'Koz, who came forth to their world to still the wise's dreams. Carrying knowledge back to the Watchers for research, Vel'Koz proudly serves as a scientific being, studying on mortals under the Watchers' command.


In game, Vel'Koz serves as a artillery-type character, with his abilities being able to apply stacks of Deconstruction (with three stacks being enough to cause some damage) from his passive Organic Deconstruction. Vel'Koz can also fire a bolt of plasma with Plasma Fission, opening a gate to the Void to cause an explosive trail with Void Rift, knocking enemies upward with a explosive, grenade-like blast with Tectonic Disruption, and fire a beam of energy that deals damage, applies Deconstruction, and slows enemies with Life Form Disintegration Ray.


Humans: Simple, messy, yet... exceptional.
~ Vel'Koz

An alien being from the Void, Vel'Koz is shown to have little to no understanding of human life, which means he has zero empathy for the people he studies and executes his tasks with cold and calculated efficiency. However, unlike other Void creatures, Vel'Koz is not obsessed with destruction or consuming the world around him but instead to observe and collect information about the world of Runeterra. This puts his seemingly-cruel approach in a different light, as it appears his experiments are borne solely out of curiosity. It is only harmful because of Vel'Koz's lack of understanding of the natural world.





  • His name in Shuriman means "to understand by unmaking".
  • Vel'Koz may be the oldest surviving Voidborn, bearing much resemblance to the Frozen Watchers.


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