Veld (ベルド, Berdo?, also translated Beldo) is a major antagonist in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. During the game, he was a high ranking member of the Loptr Church who is in charge of the Church's activities in the Munster District. He is also wields Stone, a rare form of dark magic capable of petrifying its victims. He was also responsible for the Aed Massacre, having told King Travant of Thracia about Quan, Ethlyn, and the Lanceritter traveling through the Aed Desert. During the Grannvale occupation of the Munster District, Veld acts as the benefactor to Duke Raydrik of Munster, giving him the Lopt Sword and supporting him with Loptyrian forces.


Shortly after Raydrik arrests Leif, Veld was present in the Munster Castle arena with Raydrik, watching Eyvel and Nanna fight against gladiators set upon them by Raydrik, including a possessed Mareeta. When Eyvel defeats most of the enemies and resist Mareeta's attempts to kill her, Veld, believing that she is worthy candidate to become a Deadlord, petrifies her, then leaves with Raydrik, allowing Leif to escape.

Later, when Leif's army returns to Munster to defeat Raydrik, Veld expresses his disgust with Raydrik's repeated failures and threatens to stop supporting, but decides to give Raydrik one more chance and lends him a small unit of the Bergrosen to use against Leif. Following Raydrik's death Veld turns him into the Deadlord Mus and orders him up to guard the Munster Loptyrian temple against Leif's assault. To assist him in battle, Manfroy entrusts Veld with five more Deadlords. Ultimately, Leif's army defeats the six Deadlords, unlocks Veld's chamber, and kills him.


Amoral and manipulative, Veld holds his reverence and fear for his god above all else. He lives with the belief that any act, no matter how cruel , including child hunts and burning entire villages to the ground, is justified so long as it is in service to Loptous. In addition, the people he commands are nothing more than expendable pawns, as seen when he shows no sympathy for Raydrick's deeth. He carries his mad obsession to his god to his death, confident that Loptous and his empire will thrive once more.



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