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Vellian Crowler is a major antagonist in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, being the main antagonist of the first half of the first season. He is the headmaster of the director of the Duel Academy, scheming in attempting to expel Jaden Yuki due to losing to him in the beginning.

He was voiced by Hiroshi Shimizu in Japanese and Sean Schemmel in English.


Vellian Crowler carries a duel disk worn horizontally across his torso, which has a motion sensor that automatically ejects cards from his Deck when he is ready to draw.


When first introduced, Vellian Crowler is a tough teacher who believes the Obelisk Blue dorm is the best and hates weak Slifer Red students. He tries to get Jaden kicked out, but fails every single time. Eventually, he respects him and when he has a rematch with Jaden where he admits he doesn't want to see his students go.


Vellian Crowler first appears watching the Duel Academy exams before someone tells him a new student named Jaden has arrived. Crowler decides to use his own deck rather than the test ones, and ends up giving Jaden a hard time. However, Jaden ends up beating him by using the Winged Kuriboh card. After this, Crowler hated Jaden and began planning on getting him kicked out. One time, he gave Chazz Princeton rare cards to beat Jaden, but ended up failing. Later, he hires Titan to scare off Jaden to force him to leave the school. Titan ended up kidnapping Alexis and Duled Jaden, but was beaten by the hero. After that, Crowler decided to punish him and Sryus from treaspassing by having them duel the Paradox Brothers. Jaden and Syrus win, however, due to Syrus dueling to impress his brother Zane Truesdale. Crowler spends many epsiodes finding people to beat Jaden, such as Bastain and the Duel Giant, but all end up with Jaden winning. He was even accused to stealing Yugi's deck in his attempts. After Jaden beats Bastion to be in the school duel, he uses Beloski to try and cause Jaden to feel dizzy, but that also fails. When Jaden beats Chazz to win the school duel, he starts to respect him after telling Slade Princeton and Jagger Princeton off about their treatment.

He is later present when Shepred gives the best duelists keys to protect from the Shadow Riders. He sleeps when Nightshroud/Atticus Rhodes attacks, but he duels Camula when she arrives. She gives him a rather hard time during the Duel and he almost gives up.


  • Its implied he's seen Sesame Street


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