Dino Rob-1-

"I'm a dinosaur."

~ The Velociraptor

The Velociraptor is an antagonist in That Guy With the Glasses' episodes. He seems to be part of the Critic's subconscious. He appears in various places in the show.

He is often seen as Rob Walker, indicating that he can possess people or assume their form. When seen in his form, his body is human, but his head is a Velociraptor's.

He appears when the Critic's reviewing Scooby-Doo, and he turns up after the review and says "I'm a dinosaur." He later invites the Critic to dinner with the Grim Reaper and Santa Christ.

The Velociraptor gets more evil as the show goes on, breaking into the Critic's thoughts and torturing him endlessly when he reviews Jurassic Park 3. During the review, the Critic comments that a talking Velociraptor saying "Alan" is not scary, but the Velociraptor comes in and tries to scare him, appearing from Tamara's chest, as well as assuming the voice of a funeral director telling the Critic his mother died, when it's all fake, then the Velociraptor bursts out of the phone to tell the Critic that "Alan" was supposedly his mother's last word.

He also appears in a Season 6 episode when the Critic is wondering what to write in his movie next, and the Velociraptor keeps popping up to mock him due to his writers' block.

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