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I can't believe the Jurassic Park scientists made us all females, I'm gonna die all alone!
~ The one raptor to the other.

The Velociraptors are a pair of one-shot antagonists in the Adult Swim skit show Robot Chicken, appearing in the season six episode "Disemboweled by an Orphan".

They were voiced by Sarah Chalke and Cat Taber.


The skit starts with the two raptors looking at themselves and the one not be living that there are only female dinosaurs.

The one raptor then works out a genius plan and goes threw with it. They sneaked on top of delivery cars and entered the building, they then broke two of the scientist's necks. They then hide as statues so that the team of scientists heading their way wouldn't notice them. They then sneak into the lab and create the DNA for a male velociraptor.

A weeks later, the male raptor arrives and the two are excited to get married and have babies, but as it turns out, the raptor is a complete jerk and the two regret their doings.


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