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Velstadt, also known as the Royal Aegis, is a minor antagonist and boss in Dark Souls II. A knight of Drangleic, he follows and serves Vendrick despite the atrocities that the king committed.


Velstadt was originally from a faraway land, presumed to be Shulva. He remembers nothing about where he came from or why he came to Drangleic. He chose to serve King Vendrick and became his right-hand along with Sir Raime. Velstadt would follow Vendrick through all of his downfall, including killing off the giants under Nashandra's manipulation and conducting their enslaved giants into golems. When Raime confronted the king over his wrongdoings, Velstadt condemned Raime a traitor and fought against him, ending in Velstadt's victory. Raime was exiled out of Drangleic and later became the Fume Knight while corrupted under Nadalia's influences.

After Vendrick fled Drangleic Castle and took refuge in the Undead Crypt, Velstadt followed. Despite Vendrick becoming a hollow, Velstadt would remain and protect the king as the last line of defense, guarding the room leading straight to his corrupt king. However, staying in an area contaminated with hollows too long would take its toll on Velstadt, and he himself became a hollow. For the years he resided in the Undead Crypt, Velstadt slaughtered numerous individuals who sought to reach Vendrick behind him.

Under Nashandra's manipulation, the Bearer of the Curse is required to obtain the King's Ring from Vendrick to get past the gate protecting the Throne of Want. Traveling to the bottom of the Undead Crypt should they find a hollow Vendrick and claim the ring from his discarded clothes; but first, they will have to get past Velstadt. He attacks by slamming his hammer at the player. His hammer can be parried, but he cannot be riposted. When he takes enough damage, Velstadt bends down and rings a bell in his hammer to temporarily increase his stats. While buffed, he can shoot dark magic orbs out of his hammer. Once Velstadt goes down, he drops his boss soul and a Royal Soldier's Ring+2, which increases the player's equipment load by 20%.





  • A clone of Velstadt can be summoned by Elana.
  • He is one of the few bosses who can be parried.
  • Velstadt's design may be based on Garl Vinland from Demon Souls.
  • In the Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin edition of Dark Souls II, Velstadt can be seen at the very end of the tunnel within the "Memory of the King". He cannot be reached in time as the Ashen Mist fades quickly.
  • The Soul of Velstadt can be consumed for 15,000 souls, traded with Straid of Olaphis to obtain the Sacred Oath miracle, or traded with Weaponsmith Ornifex to obtain the Sacred Chime Hammer.


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