Sir! I'm sorry, Herr Schmidt... we fought to the last man.
~ Velt's last words

Velt is a minor antagonist in the 2011 Marvel film Captain America: The First Avenger. He is a HYDRA agent who serves as a manager of a weapons facility as part of Johann Schmidt's plan to conquer the world.

He was portrayed by Patrick Monckeberg.


Being the manager of a HYDRA weapons facility, Velt was tasked by Schmidt to supervise the construction of advanced weapons based on the power of the Tesseract, ever after HYDRA defected themselves from the Nazi Party. As such, Velt tagged along in Schmidt's plot to bombard the world capitals (including Berlin) to bring in a new world order for HYDRA.

However, this wasn't the case when Captain America and his platoon (known as the Howling Commandos) arrived to take down the facility. Despite the efforts of Velt and his men, Captain America and his posse took down the facility for good, resulting numerous deaths of HYDRA soldiers. When Schmidt arrived to the scene, he was very furious by the destruction of the facility, even yelling at his right-hand Arnim Zola for his past failure to take down Captain America.

Eventually, Velt revealed to have survived the destruction of the facility, apologizing for the event by saying that he and his men "have fought to the last man". Unperturbed by this, an angry Schmidt replied, "Evidently not", before using his HYDRA pistol to vaporize Velt as punishment for his failure.


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