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Venec is a villain from 2005 French comedy medieval fantasy television series Kaamelott. He is portrayed by french actor Loïc Varraut.


Originally, Venec was a lemon seller in Rome, who chased Verinus for competing with him. Later, he collaborate with Léodagan of Cameliard to hustle Glaucia, then follow the former to Britain. There, he meets Merlin and Father Blaise, who are recruiting knights for the Round Table. Venec refuses the offer, but confides his goal to them: make buiseness with the new king.

Fifteen years latter, Venec is a well renowned slave trafficker and also sells torture instruments and weapons, although he confessed to Arthur that he never directly killed anyone. He is also usurer, forger and pimp, and is in relation with pirates, thieves, assassins, spies and almost every criminal in Kaamelott.

However, despite is known illegal activities, the court frequently asks for his services, notably to organize banquets and feasts, and tolerate his criminal activities, which can be useful for the kingdom, as shown when Léodagan proposes to replenish the fund of the kingdom via Venec's forging.

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