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Venganza is a vampire queen and a major character appeared in webcomic Zoophobia.


Venganza is a tall woman with red hair, red demonic eyes and a white skin, she is wearing a dark red dress with black gloves.


Venganza was once a human named Victoria Keane, she was engaged to be married to a young man, who decided to betray her to be with another woman. He decided he didn’t want her to be in the way, and to rid himself of guilt he accused her of witchcraft, to which see was stabbed to death, but was saved by a Vampiress named Rachel, who used her bite to transform Victoria into a vampire. Soon after being born into the world of vampires, Victoria witnessed the slaying of Rachel, and was driven into a savage vengeful attack. Because she was a newly transformed vampire, and she was not yet ready to control her blood thirst, the blood took over her instincts.


  • Venganza originally had no true goal, but once she transformed Simon (her minion) she feels compelled to put him to use, as well as make sure he is taken care of. Her main goals in hunting are to cause as much fear and pain in a victim as she can before killing them, she prays on only humans because to her they are all sinful and not worth the life they live. She thinks this way mainly because of what happened to her in her past life.
  • To Achieve her goals, she needs only her swift cunning, and frightening demeanor to terrify her victims, she needs her strength and power to fight, and occasionally needs Simon, for support, comfort, and to carry out plans.


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