The Venjix Computer Network is a network of programs and creations of the Venjix Computer Virus and the main antagonistic faction of Power Rangers RPM.


The Venjix Network began when Doctor K, a captive of the government-run Alphabet Soup research facility, attempted to escape by releasing a computer virus named Venjix into the facility's system. The staff of Alphabet Soup soon found out what she was doing and incapacitated her, preventing her from installing firewalls to keep the virus from entering the world. Thus, the Venjix Virus quickly spread across the globe, taking control of all communication and defense systems. Venjix used these resources to build armies of robotic soldiers called Grinders, which Venjix used to assert his control over the world and wipe out most of humanity. To lead his army, Venjix constructed two robotic generals named General Crunch and General Shifter.

The surviving humans fled the domed city of Corinth, which was not under Venjix's control. Venjix and his Generals thus began focusing their efforts on attacking the city to destory what remains of humanity and finally achieve complete world domination.


  • Venjix Computer Virus
  • Kilobyte
  • General Shifter
  • General Crunch
  • Tenaya 7
  • Grinders
  • Attack Bots
    • Generation 5 Attack Bot
    • Generation 9 Amphibious Attack Bot (Water Hoser)
    • Subterranean Plutonic Gopher Bot
    • Generation 9 Noz Bot Attack System
    • Magnetron
    • "Pump Attack Bot"
    • Boom Bot
    • Camera Attack Bot
    • "Drill Attack Bot"
    • Reflects Bot Generation 12
    • Gat Bot
    • Broiler Bot
    • Sat Bot
    • Lightning Bot
    • Oil Bot
    • Dyna Bot
    • Vacuum Bot
    • Saw Bot Generation 15
    • Doomsday Machine
    • Generation 16 Saw Bot
    • Balloon Bot
    • Generation 3 Textile Bot
    • "Manhole Bot"
    • Knight Bot
    • Hammer Attack Bot
    • Generation 3 Chemical Bot
    • Dowser Bot
    • Series 2 Rotor Bot
    • Heat Bot
    • Generation 16 Hyper Bot
    • "Dumbell Bot"
    • Generation 12 Energy Bot
    • "Final Attack Bot"


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