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Note: This page is only about the Venom Symbiote from The Spectacular Spider-Man. For information about Eddie Brock, visit Eddie Brock.
Villain Overview

From now on, we're poison to Peter Parker and Spider-Man! We're Venom!
~ Venom to Peter Parker/Spider-Man during their fight.
Why blame yourself? We didn't hurt Uncle Ben, the world took him away from us. The world takes everything we love. There's no one you can trust, Peter Parker. No one... except us.
~ Venom manipulating Spider-Man.

Venom is a major antagonist of the animated TV series The Spectacular Spider-Man, serving as the main antagonist of the Psychology arc in Season 1 and the Human Development arc in Season 2. It is a symbiote of extraterrestrial origins that loves feeding on the dark energies of its host, seeking to hijack one's entire body, mind and soul.

In order to do so, the symbiote bonded with 2 people, Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Eddie Brock, having manipulated them to thinking it is an ally making it become one of Spider-Man's greatest archenemies along with Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus.

When it possesses Peter, it was voiced by Josh Keaton who also voiced Dark Goblin/Norman Osborn in the 2017 Marvel's Spider-Man series. When it possesses Eddie, it was voiced by Benjamin Diskin, who has also voiced Morbius in Ultimate Spider-Man, Harm and Ma’alefa’ak in Young Justice, The Leader in Marvel Future Avengers and Rhino in Marvel Heroes.


Unlike most versions, the Venom symbiote is given a clear personality. It is a master manipulator, able to manipulate its hosts Peter and Eddie into thinking it is their friend and help them so it can hijack their body, mind and also soul.

It also highly enjoys feeding on other people's dark emotions. It is also extremely selfish, so for his needs, it will abandon even its current host, abandoning Eddie twice, after Spider-Man tricked him into thinking he wants to bond with it again, and when Eddie was forced to drink the gene cleanser.

It is also extremely petty, trying to kill Spider-Man's loved ones and tried outing his secret identity as peter parker before severing his powers permanently and leaving his loved ones helpless targets, as well as framing him for crimes, solely because he got rid of it after he realizes what the symbiote's intentions for him were.


The symbiote has no definite shape, being an black icky muck that changes its shape. It also has grey eyes. When bonding with Peter, it is a black t-shirt, and when Peter becomes Spider-Man, it takes the shape of his Spider-Man suit except for grey eyes, and white lines and symbol, in which the latter will be bigger and the leg extends to the back,, while the rest of the suit being entirely black. When it bonds with Eddie, it is a hulking version of the suit except without the white lines and jaws with sharp teeth and a protruding tongue.



Nothing about the symbiote's origins have been specified rather than it has come from outer space. In some time of the journey, it latched itself onto a space shuttle which John Jameson was aboard.

Season 1

During the shuttle's reentry to the atmosphere of the Earth, the heat shields were damaged, but the symbiote was able to withstand the heat without any effect. Once the shuttle landed, it's discovery was made and it was sent to Dr. Curtis Conners of the Empire State University for analysis and put in a container. One night, Black Cat attempted to steal the symbiote, before Spider-Man came in to stop her. During the confrontation, the symbiote latched itself to Spider-Man, coating him with its own version of the Spider-Man suit shortly after. Spider-Man was then framed for deliberately stealing the symbiote by Chameleon when it tricked him into thinking it was Dr. Conners. The symbiote then starts manipulating Peter by merely being an upgrade for him, helping him stop Chameleon, who was trying to steal his identity to frame him for his crimes.

Later, to start being more active in its manipulations, after his battle with the Sinister Six, Venom used this as the perfect opportunity to start manipulating him more, controlling him in his sleep to defeat the Sinister Six, while near murdering Dock Ock, who only stopped when the police intervened. When Peter comes out of the house and sees the news, Peter realizes it is controlling him, to which the symbiote manipulates him to keep it, starting to feed on Peter's dark emotions while turning him into an arrogant, violent and cynical jerk, causing disgust from even Peter's bully, Flash, before accepting Tombstone's deal he made with Spider-Man earlier in which it won't stop any of the crimes Tombstone commands to, before he has him to refuse stopping any crime for a week unless if it is a supervillain that is endangering civilians, causing worry with Peter.

Due to this, he realizes Venom is manipulating him to be its perfect host so it can take over his mind, body and soul and goes to a church to try removing it, before he realizes its biggest weakness, the sounds of a bell, and strikes it, injuring the symbiote and weakening it, but it wasn't ready to give up as it forces Peter to relive the day he got his powers and let the robber, Walter Hardy, that ended up shooting his uncle, Ben Parker, to death in order to weaken his will, before finally completing its possession of him, before Uncle Ben comes to support him by showing how Peter defeated Walter by webbing him and letting him live so the police can deal with him and showing all the people who care about Peter, or thought to have cared about Peter, restoring Peter's spirits and manages to defeat Venom, successfully removing it from his body and putting him back into the container and attempts freezing it to death after realizing how dangerous it is, despite Eddie's protests, leaving the latter angry. However, the symbiote survives and changes its shape to Eddie's hand as it calls to him and then bonding with him, manipulating him into accepting him and revealing Peter's secret of being Spider-Man, before they bond together and become the supervillain Venom.

The duo then decide to exact their revenge against Spider-Man, to which it makes a deal with Tombstone to start working for him, to which Tombstone tells that they need to kill Spider-Man as a test, to which they ask if they can have some fun, to which Tombstone says he doesn't micro-manage. When they return to Eddie's house, Peter calls to console Eddie for losing his job, to which Eddie tries luring him to an attack by having a little chat, but Peter says he has to be with Aunt May. Due to this, they then attack Peter when he returns back from another hospital visit, engaging in a fight in the backyard while proving to be far stronger than Spider-Man before webbing him up, telling killing him would be all to easy and that they want him to suffer. So, they attempt to Kill Aunt May, first by distracting her with a bouquet of flowers before trying to attack her, but Spider-Man, who freed himself, stops them and engages them in a fight on the walls of the hospital while telling Aunt May wasn't their only target, and that their next target will be the person Peter loves the most, Gwen Stacy.

Eddie then enters the Thanksgiving Day Parade, taking her, to which the symbiote coats Eddie with Venom when Gwen wasn't looking and kidnaps her, gagging her and suspending her to a balloon, wanting it to snap so Gwen can fall to her death while fighting Spider-Man and stopping him from saving her. Peter tries getting through Eddie, to which thanks to the symbiote's influence, Eddie lashes out on how Peter Parker had Aunt May when both their parents died on the same plane crash and that he had no one and was always alone until it bonded with the symbiote. They were then tricked by Spider-Man to slash the balloon Gwen was in to cause it to descend slowly, but Venom still tries knocking her over, before Spider-Man saves her. Spider-Man then tricks the symbiote that he wants to bond with it again, which the symbiote gladly accepts, abandoning Eddie before being trapped again and then buried in concrete.

Season 2

The symbiote was finally released after being released by Eddie to bond again and become Venom. In order to kickstart their revenge against Spider-Man, they change their shape to be similar to him and then frame him for their crimes, attacking a bunch of robbers who just robbed a bank and then the officers who arrived to take them in, having the robbers to give them the money they stole out of fear before leaving.

he next day, they then cause a truck to overturn after attacking it. When Spider-Man swoops in to save the people inside, Venom then snares him to the top of a nearby building, ending up burning it, announcing it will destroy every aspect of his life as revenge. Their fight is then interrupted by Colonel Jupiter, who was John Jameson in a suit after he was infected by spores from the symbiote that gave him superhuman strength. As the two heroes argue, they use this as an opportunity to escape. Seeing this, they fight Colonel Jupiter posing as Spider-Man, causing a fight between the two heroes later. Spider-Man defeats Colonel Jupiter, but in turn, end sup accidentally driving him insane thanks to the effects of the spores he was infected by it. J. Jonah Jameson, his father and head of the Daily Bugle, was angered by his son's state and blames Spider-Man for it. Using this as a perfect opportunity, they crash through as they announce that Peter Parker is Spider-Man, trying to out him.

When Brock was taking a walk across the street, Spider-Man webs him and pulls him up towards him, trying to reason with him on how he is going to hurt many people. They then turn into Venom by telling that he would be the reason they are getting hurt for his secrets and can't wait for them to turn on him out of anger. They then engage in a fight and fall down to the ground, where many reporters are present. They then announce that they will unmask the hero, to which he retaliates that if he was Peter Parker, he wouldn't resist so much. Venom then gives a big uppercut that launches Spider-Man to the rooftop, to which the latter escapes when they come up to get him.

When Eddie returns to work in ESU Labs again, it steals the gene cleanser. They then attack Spider-Man, announcing that once they unmask him, they will pour the gene cleanser to his throat, depowering him permanently and making him a helpless target to his enemies. They then succeed in unmasking him, but before anybody can see it, he puts his mask back on and engage in a fight. Spider-Man then fences a bunch of sonic waves at them, irritating it and enraging it even more while they fight all the way to the gym. When he attempts to pour the gene cleanser down his throat, but Flash Thompson gives a distraction to help Spider-Man, who is then grabbed by Venom and demands for the vial. But the gene cleanser was then shoved into Eddie's throat. Due to this, the symbiote releases Eddie and abandons him despite Eddie trying to hold onto him, escaping into the sewers defeated, but still at large.

It is unknown what happened to it after that as the show was then canceled, but had there been a Season 3, it would've had an offspring called Carnage, that would've bonded with the insane criminal, Cletus Kasady.


List Of Appearances

Season 1

  • Persona
  • Group Therapy
  • Intervention
  • Nature vs. Nurture

Season 2

  • Blueprints (dream)
  • First Steps
  • Growing Pains
  • Identity Crises


  • Due to the series' cancellation, Venom (and by extension, Eddie) is the only character, by extension villain, in the entire series to find out Spider-Man's identity as Peter Parker.
  • Plans were made to have Venom face Carnage in Season 3.

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