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Vera (ヴェーラ Vēra) is a minor character of the A Certain Magical Index series. She is a mercenary and a member of the Hound Dog organization who was tasked with tracking down and killing Accelerator.

She is voiced by Kayano Ai in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Kate Oxley in the English version of the anime.


Vera's actual appearance is left unknown as she is covered to hide her identity. Like all Hound Dog members, she is seen wearing all black clothing with black military gear, body armor, helmet and other accessories. She wears a black face mask with an organge visor over her eyes. She appears to possbily have brown eyes although her visor distorts her true eye color.


Vera is very unique as compared to other Hound Dog members as she is more sociable and cheerful with her comrads. She appears to like to talk to people and has girl issues of which she often discusses about. She will gauge a relationship if must be and tries to alteast build some trust between her squadmates as many of them have disdain or outright hatred for one another.


Academy City Invasion Arc

Vera first appears during the Invasion of Academy City by Vento of the Front of God's Right Seat. She is ordered with finding and ultimately killing the Level 5 Esper known as Accelerator by orders of her commander, Kihara Amata. She is assigned to a squad lead by Nancy and she is deployed to the Third Resource Recycling Processing Facility where Accelerator is currently hiding at during the invasion. Accelerator uses mind games and psychological warfare against Vera and the Hound Dogs in an effort to distract and weaken them so they are easier to kill off.

During the search inside the facility, Vera gets separated from her squad and falls victim to Accelerator's tactics. Fearful for her life, Vera runs outside of the facility and stays there for a while before returning back inside only to find Nancy's dead corpse and breaks down before Accelerator  kills her with his shotgun. In the original light novels, she witnesses Nancy's slow death and tries to stop it before seeing her blown off jaw and the corpse of another dead Hound Dog operative. She then completely breaks down and deficates herself and vomits before being shot and killed.


Vera is a normal human, so she is only skilled in basic abilities. Being a mercenary and Hound Dog operaitve, she is able to use firearms and is skilled in them.


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