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The Punisher: Cristu told me something. About when you and him were starting out. Something you said. Rape them to break them. Cristu didn't get it. But you explained. They had to be shown right away just who was in control. They couldn't stop you when you had them lifted off the streets. They couldn't stop you now. They had to understand that they were powerless to prevent anything from being done to them. Cristu was the businessman. The old man's a soldier. But you're the one who makes it work.
[The Punisher grabs and picks Vera up as she lies hurt on the floor]
Vera: Waaaah--! No! Get off me! No!!
The Punisher: You can't break the glass.
[The Punisher faces Vera towards the several-story shatterproof window]
The Punisher: But you hit it hard enough, often enough—maybe twenty-five or thirty times—eventually you'll bend the frame.
Vera: Pleeeeease...! We--we wanted to be here...we just wanted to do business...
The Punisher: So? All that counts is you can't stop me. I'm stronger than you, so I can do anything I want. Isn't that the way it works?
~ Frank "The Punisher" Castle addressing Vera's role in the Bulats' sex slavery ring before defenestrating her to her death.

Vera Konstantin is one of the three main antagonists in Volume 5 of The Punisher MAX, along with her boyfriend Cristu Bulat and his father Tiberiu. She oversees the Bulats' human trafficking business while they personally do all the micromanaging, and like her lover, she's not sadistic and the whole sex slavery angle is all about business, nothing more.


Vera joined the Bulats' sex trafficking ring long ago, and was the one who came up with the rape to break the girls they abduct upon arrival in order to show who's boss. When one of their victims, Viorica, escaped, Vera located and intruded her safehouse and then ordered her infant child killed, sending it to Viorica through email. In the present, Vera helps Cristu carry out a hit on Tiberiu when his sadistic tendencies keep getting in the way of business.

Of course, Tiberiu survives and knows that both Cristu and Vera were responsible, going to the latter's workplace for interrogation. Later on, the Punisher tracks Vera down to said workplace and repeatedly slams her into a window until the frame bends and releases the glass frame, causing her to fall several stories below to her death.

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