Vera Waterhouse

Vera Waterhouse is the main villainess from Part 2 of "Yanks in the U.K," Bones' fourth season premiere.

She was played by Tuppence Middleton.

Vera Waterhouse is a grad student of Dr. Ian Wexler, and she was briefly shown in Part 1 assisting Wexler in the case involving a murdered American heiress. In Part 2, Vera was part of a dig site led by Wexler, doing so on land that Roger Frampton was planning to build condos on. A Bronze Age find would prevent Frampton from making the build, so he bribed both Vera and Wexler £25,000 to sign off the site as having no historical importance. However, after Wexler used the money to pay his debts, he did find something valuable, and planned to return the money. This angered Vera, who realized that Frampton could reveal that she and Wexler took bribes, which would ruin both of their careers.

Vera angrily confronted Wexler in his home, which led to the villainess stabbing him to death with a Bronze Age femur bone from the site. To cover her tracks, the evil Vera caused a gas explosion to make it look as if Wexler had fallen asleep with a cigarette with the gas on, and later covered up the find, while falsely claiming that she did so under Wexler's orders. Brennan and Booth, along with Inspector Cate Pritchard, caught on to Vera's deception, as Vera attempted to cover her palm after Brennan stated that the killer would have cut their hand using the femur. Vera's attempt to escape was quickly stopped when Booth tripped her, and while confessing to the murder, she was handcuffed and arrested by Booth.