A warlord named Verdauga Greeneyes, who had a whole horde of vermin at his command, as I recall
~ Luke remembers Verdauga's attack

Verdauga Greeneyes is an antagonist in the Redwall book Mossflower by Brian Jacques. He came from the far North, brother of Ungatt Trunn, and he enslaved the natives of Mossflower. He built himself Kotir castle, a place of evil for the natives. He was in charge of a thousand vermin, named the "Thousand-Eye Army." He was a harsh ruler, but also a cat of honor who established a relatively peaceful life for his subject.

He had two children, Gingevere and Tsarmina, by an unnamed wife. His wholly evil side was given to Tsarmina, because she succeed him as dictator.

His "noble" side was given to Gingevere.

His role in the book is brief; yet influential, he orders Martin imprisoned when he gets to Kotir. He intended to release Martin in the end, to "teach him to fear them" but Tsarmina poisoned him to death before he could.


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