They're ANIMALS!
~ Verity to the students

Verity Thwaites is the central antagonist in the 2007 movie St Trinian's.

She is portrayed by Lucy Punch, who also portrayed Esmé Squalor.


Verity comes to St Trinian's for the hockey match and she gets angered by the "animalistic" antics of the girls. During the hockey match though, she displays her cruel natures, she sees that Annabel is in the team so she snarls at her "You're dead!" and knocks over younger girls. She tries to steal the ball several times and finally resorts to violence over the teams.

When Annabel comes up she is so scared of Verity due to her bullying days so Annabel lets older girl Kelly take her place. Kelly rather than aiming at the net aims at Verity, knocking her unconscious, and she is taken to hospital accompanied by her angry father, who had been thrown out of a high window into a pond by the girls, and as he leaves he threatens to shut down the school.

Annabel finally stands up to Verity later on by revealing to the Media that she was the bully of Cheltelham, and because Verity has been good at lying to her father, he doesn't know anything about this. Verity wants to shut down the school and in the final round of the gameshow, Verity threatens to humiliate Annabel by blocking off her escape route. However Annabel knocks Verity out by throwing her walkie talkie at her head.


Verity is the school bully of Cheltelham school and used to mercilessly tease Annabel, a student who had left Cheltelham and moved to St Trinian's. Verity was also daughter of rich government minister Geoffrey Thwaites, who coincidentally had a crush on the headmistress of St Trinian's, and whereas Verity wants to humiliate or destroy the school Geoffrey, after much trials, has a softer side for it.

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