Varmaark 88 is a group of antagonists in the inFAMOUS series.



Varmaark 88 where originally a privete military unit that was based in Africa, they were later hired by Joseph Bertrand III. They worked with Bertrand and Dr. Sabastion Wolfe until they were sent into a room to and was given the Conduit powers of Cryokinesis. They later ran to the nex island in New Marais. They took control over Swamp Town and the industrial part of the second Island, where they would fight against the Militia, The Corrupted and Cole MacGrath. Some heroic missions will have an Ice Gang member ally himself with Cole until he has to be put down. It turned out that Bertrand was going to make an arms race with Vermaark 88 and the Corrupted.

Good Ending

If Cole uses the RFI, all of the Ice Gang members will die two to its cleansing blast along with the Corrupted, while those who had the Ray Field disease was cured.

Evil Ending

Since Cole became the Beast and destroyed the RFI, the Vermaark 88 members presumably kept fighting against the Corrupted as well as many others.


  • Ice Soldier (gunman, shotgun, rocket and shield)
  • Ice Heavy
  • Crusher
  • Titan
  • Ice Soldier Ally (Good Karma only)


  • The Vermaark members transform from one form to another, judging by the clothes and the Good Karmer missions that involve the Ice Soldier Ally.


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