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Verminator Rex is the secondary antagonist of the Mutant Apocalypse arc in Season 5 of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

He is the former, murderous leader of the Honey Badger Ravangers, and second-in-command of Maximus Kong, who turned out to be Leonardo.

He appears to be a mutant Honey Badger with a robotic, chainsaw arm.


Rex first appears in Wasteland Warrior, with his ravangers, ordering them to attack the car, which contained Donnie and Raph.

He asks Raph if he knows where the girl is with the map but Raph hits him in the face, causing his men to throw themselves on the turtle, but they are beaten back, after Donnie (who is now a robot) leaps out to lend a hand to his brother, defeating them with his electric staff.

He reappears again in the episode, when he meats the turtles again, and attacks them, but Mira, who apparently was hiding under the truck the whole time, leaps out, and takes them all down.

Later, he brings the scale tail clan water, and attempts to make a deal with them, so they could work together to find the oasis. Imperious, the clans leader, likes this idea, and agrees.

The ravengers and the scale tails attack Mickeys home, and kidnap Mira. Raph goes after them, but after dodging a missile, Mickeys home is destroyed. Raph loses his temper, and attacks, but can't stop them from getting away.

Raph breaks into the base, but is captured, and forced into hand to hand combat with Rex and Imperious, but defeats them both, becoming leader of both tribes.

Claiming that it's not fair, he runs off, to get Maximus Kong.

After telling Maximus, the two attack the Red-Stripe army, and Rex kills Imperious. He goes after Mira, but she ties the bikes together. In a desperate attempt to kill Mira, he Stop's his bike, but Mira unties the bikes, sending Rex to his death, were his bike explodes.


  • He is the first new mutant to appear season 5.