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Vernest Brown (better known as Quick) is a hothead gangster-wannabe in the 1989 film, Harlem Nights.

He was portrayed by Eddie Murphy.

Role in the film

Vernest Brown is both a hero and villain. Anyone first sees him, in 1919, as a runner for Sugar Ray's business, who does errands for him. When a nasty and murderous thug threatens to kill Ray for not kicking the kid out (because it gives him bad luck during a craps game), he takes a gun and shoots him, saving Ray's life.

Fast forward to 20 years later, a ruthless and cruel cop named Phil Cantone is threatening Club Sugar Ray's, and this gets Quick upset, wanting to keep on to his territory. Throughout the film, he threatens to kill Bugsy Calhoun, also the gangster wanting a piece of the action and Cantone. He even shows a hatred for "ass-kissers" (as is shown in one scene). He is a sadist. When Cantone is captured by Ray and him, he even sadistically laughs that Cantone better breath a certain way (cause they trap him in a money vault) or "you're a dead motherfucker", laughing away. They then set up Calhoun and his men to their deaths, with a bomb planted on their door.

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