Vernier Bugster is a Bugster born out of the data of a flight combat simulator game called Jet Combat and an antagonist in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.


Born out of the data of Jet Combat, the Vernier Bugster first emerged out of Daisuke Egami, a high school student who was feeling stressful over a date he was about to go on. After fighting against Kamen Rider Brave, Vernier retreated. He later attempted to target Daisuke's date, but was teleported away by Kuroto along with Emu using Stage Select, before being destroyed by Kamen Rider Snipe.

Vernier was later revived and used by Parado to complete Kamen Rider Chronicle. Appearing as a boss within the game, Vernier at first having the advantage over the Ride-Players due to the difficulty scale being tilted in the Bugsters' favor. He was eventually destroyed again by Ride-Player Nico.

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