I don't feel much. I mean, I don't feel enough. Shouldn't I be broken up over what happened to her? That's how I was when I lost my daughter, when I lost my friends in those first few weeks... but now... it's like I just take something like this in stride. Like, this is what our world is now, and we'd better just get used to it.
~ Vernon to Lee about Brie's death

Vernon is a character and an antagonist who appears in the Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season One. He is introduced as a hero in the penultimate episode, Around Every Corner, by helping Lee's group and healing Omid. However, he served as the unseen secondary antagonist of the final episode, No Time Left, by stealing the boat.


Following his return to the morgue, Vernon informed his group of Lee's group's boat and how he planned to steal it. After formulating a plan, the group departed the morgue, along with all of their supplies, and moved to the manor house that contained the boat. Upon arriving, if any of Lee's survivors were left behind, they were beaten by Vernon and Joyce, before being locked inside the backyard shed. If no one stayed, they will steal the boat, while leaving a note on their reasons. While the beating is taking place, Boyd and Clive will move the boat out of the shed. Upon stealing the boat, his status is unknown. It is later mentioned that Vernon died somewhere after stealing the boat in 400 Days.


Vernon is a cautious and protective, yet also pragmatic man who does show to care for his group of survivors. His clear hesitancy to shoot Lee proved that he was no killer, and will be on fairly good terms with the latter as long as he doesn't threaten or lie to him. If Lee does lie or threaten Vernon however, he will become contemptuous of Lee and will refuse his apology for Brie's death (determinant).

Vernon also demonstrated care for Clementine, as he will be vehemently against Lee choosing to take her to Crawford. At the same time, he also offered to look after her. Despite this, the desire of leaving Savannah prompted Vernon and his group to steal the boat from Lee's group. However, he does claim to feel bad about leaving Lee and Clementine in Savannah.


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