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Vernon Boyne is the right-hand to Ex Nihilo. While she would conduct experements on coma patients Vernon and the rest of her gang would break into the patient's home and steal from them. When Ex Nihilo and The Squid capture Manteau she hands her over to Vernon to watch over her. When Nelson Jent and The Suiid decide to help each other they try to free Manteau from Vernon however shoots the wounded Squid which later kills him. He was then knocked out by Nelson Jent. After Ex Nihilo's plan failed Vernon became an accountant by the name of Brian Roche. A new villain the Centipede confronted him and asked him for information on what happened during Ex Nihilo and Nelson Jent's battle. Vernon, not wanting to blow his new identity arranged a meeting for them later that night only for it to be an ambush. However he did not count on Centipede's powers and all his men werw killed by him. Centipede then started to knock Vernon out. He was then forced to tell The Centipede about Manteau.

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