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Vernon Ferrier is the main antagonist in 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank. He is the leader of a gang of criminals and a former associate of Page's dad.


A long time ago, Vernon was in a gang with Page's dad but gave himself up so he could father his child. Many years later he returned to his house with his gang Silk, Hayes, and Skinhead Mike to meet up with Page's father. After Page yelled at him and told him to leave, Silk got mad and punched her in the face. Page's dad then forces them to leave by pointing a shotgun at his face.

Vernon is later seen saving Page from Turdge by offering Page and her friends a ride home to which she reluctantly agrees. When her dad finds out about this, he gets mad and grounds Page, telling her that he knows nothing about those men.

When Page and her friends are having a meal at the diner that Vernon likes to go, to they see Page's dad hanging out with Vernon and his gang.

Page and her friends later sneak into Vernon's house and set Silk and the house on fire. As they are running out, they see Page's dad with them trying to put the fire on Silk out.

Page later finds out that Vernon and her dad are planning to rob a bank. Page tries to stop this by planning to rob the bank herself so Vernon cant do it. This all stops when Vernon's gang beats up Page's friends until they don't want to participate in the robbery anymore.

Later, Page finds fake IDs for her dad and everyone in Vernon's gang. Realizing that she will have to leave with her father, she convinces her friends to help her with the robbery.

On Halloween, Page and her friends rob the bank early in the morning before anyone can do anything. When they are leaving, she is stopped by a cop who tells her that Vernon robbed a different bank without her father and then tries to arrest her. Before he can though, her friend jumps on top of the cop and tackles him before being shot. They carry the bleeding friend to the the car and drive away before crashing into the lake, where they are arrested and the friend dies.

It is unknown what happened to Vernon after this, but it is presumed he got away.


  • Vernon Once beat a man to death with his own prosthetic limb
  • He is 34 years old