Verokron is a Choju created by Yapool and a recurring antagonist in the Ultraman franchise, first appearing in Ultraman Ace.


Ultraman Ace

Verokron was the first Choju sent down to attack Earth by Yapool. In response to Verokron's attack, TAC was formed to fight against it.

Yapool later sent Verokron to attack again a few days later, setting him loose in the middle of Tokyo. TAC attempted to stop him, but their weaponry proved useless against the monster. Hokuto and Minami then used their Ultra Rings to form Ultraman Ace to fight against Verokron. After defeating Verokron, Ultraman Ace finished it off with his Metallium Ray.

A second Verokron later appears in episode 48. After Yapool drove Hokuto (now Ace's sole host) crazy and got him fired from TAC, he set Verokron loose to cause havoc. Ultraman Ace soon arrived to take on Verokron and defeated it by tearing off its snout horns and impaling it with them.

Ultraman Taro

Verokron appears in episode 30 as Remodeled Verokron. It was sent in alongside Sabotendar by Yapool to assist Reconstructed Bemstar after it started to lose in its fight against Ultraman Taro. It was destroyed by ZAT's weaponry.

Ultraman Mebius

It appears in 26 where it is sent down by Yapool to attack Earth. It was destroyed by Ultraman Mebius with the Mebium Beam.

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle

Verokron appeared in episode 11 where it attacked ZAP SPACY. It was fought off by Rei's Gomora but Doragory showed up to back it up. Rei then sent out Eleking to even the battle, allowing Gomora overpower Verokron and destroy it with his Oscillatory Ray.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie

Verokron appeared as a member of the Belial Army. He took on Ultraseven alongside DoragoryElekingBanpiraAlien GutsAlien Metron, King Joe BlackKing PandonFire Golza, and Nova. It later teamed up with the remaining members of the army to take on Ultraman Zero when he arrived. Verokron was destroyed by Ultraman Zero's Zero Sluggers along with Earthron, King Pandon, Sadola and Alien Hipporito.


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