I can feel fresh blood rushing through her veins!
~ Verona to Aleera about Anna

Verona was one of Count Dracula's three Brides and the oldest, the other two being Aleera and Marishka. She is a supporting antagonist in the 2004 film, Van Helsing.

She was portrayed by Italian actress Silvia Colloca.


Verona, along with fellow Brides Aleera and Marishka, accompanied Count Dracula to the Windmill in 1887 in an attempt to rescue Frankenstein's monster from an angry mob. As the Windmill burned and collapsed, she and the other Brides cried in horror as their only chance of their children's immortal life had just been destroyed.

A year later, shortly after Van Helsing's arrival in Transylvania, she and the other Brides carried out an attack on a village during daylight in order to surprise the Humans. The surprise attack was foiled by Van Helsing who saw them coming, and opened fire with his crossbow upon them. Verona told Marishka to kill Van Helsing, while she and Aleera stalked Anna Valerious. When Verona and Aleera cornered Anna in a house, Verona grabbed her hand and felt the fresh blood rushing through her veins. Her strong grip on her wrist caused Anna to lose consciousness, and Verona attempted to drink her blood. However, Van Helsing, who had been fighting Marishka, shot the latter with his crossbow, which had previously been dipped in the holy water at the church, which made the arrows toxic to the vampire. As Marishka died, Verona and Aleera felt the loss and flew away, which saved Anna's life.

Later, Verona and Aleera retreated to Castle Dracula where they both mourned Marishka, and then scolded Dracula for his thought of finding another Bride. Dracula then embraced his Brides and he ordered his forces to Castle Frankenstein before he froze himself and his Brides into the wall.

Later, when Van Helsing and Anna infiltrated Castle Frankenstein to rescue Prince Velkan, who was being used to bring The Vampire Children to life. Verona held one of her children in her hand before she flew out with Aleera and the children toward the village, where they began to teach the young to feed. Verona grabbed a villager, threw him to her young, and expressed her joy toward her children. However, the lack of a proper host for the children's life killed the babies and Verona and Aleera screamed in sadness before they both flew away.

Soon after the death of their children, the Vampires discovered the location of the Frankenstein Monster, and attempted an ambush on the carriage that carried him en-route to Rome. During the attack, the Carriage fell into a chasm after it attempted a jump over a destroyed bridge, with Van Helsing barely making the jump on the horses. Both Verona and Aleera dove into the chasm in an attempt to save the Frankenstein Monster. Aleera had difficulty latching on to the falling carriage, and so broke off to chase after Van Helsing, leaving Verona to tackle the monster. She ripped open the door, but instead found dozens of stakes strapped to explosives; the carriage was a decoy, the real carriage being driven by Anna. Verona attempted to flee, but the carriage hit the bottom and exploded, which sent stakes flying off in all directions and impaling her, falling to her death in the flames below.



  • Verona was the only bride to not have her name said in the film.