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Veronica is an ace in the Ptolemaic Army's motorbike forces and a playable unit in Metal Slug Attack.


Extra Ops

Riders' High

Veronica and the members of her Suicide Squad were sent out to combat the Iron Vermilion. After mobilizing, Veronica easily destroys the Iron Vermilion with her skills.

Sadistic Emotion

While Veronica was training with Dragunov and Sisilia, the base was attacked by Izabella and Navy of the Rebel Army, the former of whom had taken an interest in Sisilia and wanted to play with her. Veronica and Dragunov fight against the Rebel Army officers but are defeated, allowing Izabella to claim Sisilia. However, Sisilia then demonstrates her ability to help her allies to Navy by playing music, which revitalizes Dragunov and Veronica. Though Izabella wanted to continue the fight, Navy decides to not risk battling against the rejuvenated Ptolemaics and retreats, dragging Izabella with her.

Fist Invasion

Veronica examined a newly built Union segment with Sisilia. When Sisilia notes that there seem to be less guards than usual, the two realize enemies are attacking the base. They soon find the culprits behind the attack turn out to be Odette and Rillacle of the Invaders. Rillacle asks Veronica to play with her and she agrees before the two start fighting. After a short battle, Sisilia says they should retreat but Veronica syays that she can still fight. However, Veronica eventually complies with her request and leaves.

United Front the 9th

Veronica was among the soldiers assembled by Mira to capture the Golden Nokana. While Veronica attended to a spaced out Sisilia, Beecham was able to sneak away to go find Mira's secrets. Veronica and Sisilia later find Beecham at the door two Mira's room. Beecham tells the two that she got lost trying to find the United Coin shop and the three then leave.

United Front the 14th

As the Ptolemaic Army prepares an attack against the Rebel Army, the Veronica gives the officer a quick run-down on how to drive the Union. Veronica then requests the officer if she could ride along but Dragunov stops her and states that she knows that Veronica intended to pilot the machine. The two then get into an argument and fight, while the nervous officer asks if he can leave.

Secret in my Eyes

Veronica talked with Svetla is, who was concerned they don't have enough men to hold off a massive Regular Army attack. Despite these worries, Veronica states she likes the odds of 5 to 1 against them.

The two later enter into battle against the Regular Army. After Svetla seduces Tarma into lowering his guard, she calls Veronica to attack. Having watched the scene, Veronica contemplates if Svetla's seduction actually worked or if Tarma was intentionally playing with them. However, the Regular Army forces, under the command of Eri, then bomb the Ptolemaics even though Tarma is with them, prompting Veronica to take Svetla away while Tarma is bombed by his fellow soldiers.


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